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Digital Optical Linear Equipment Set/Kit 2 Axis with 2 Pcs 5u Set Rulers Measurment Lines Optical Line Size Scale 50 to 1000mm
US $85.00
High Quality Lathe accessories linear position transducer Rational WTA1 0.001mm 700mm linear measure for CNC
US $148.00
600 mm Remote Digital linear Table Readout Scale External Display Measurement Tool for Bridgeport Mill Lathe
US $32.00
CALT 1500mm Linear Distance Measurement Sensor Steel Wire Cable Pull Extension Position Sensor
US $126.00
HXX high accuracy measuring instrument digital linear scales 50-1000mm linear glass scales for Milling/lathe
US $100.00
HXX High Precision Measuring Tools Linear Optical Ruler 5u Micron 950mm Length for Machines free shipping one piece
US $92.00
Factory level measurable tools dro kit digital readout display SOHO-3 with 3 pcs linear scales/encoder/sensor 2
US $189.90
CALT draw wire Linear Potentiometer Length measurement displacement sensor transducer 4000mm type string pot
US $365.00
Precision 2000mm length distance measuring string potentiometer linear encoder displacement sensor analog output type
US $130.00
CWP-S1000mm Analog output Stroke Linear String Potentiometer Cable Transducer Draw wire position sensor Measure Length
US $108.00
CALT 2500mm measuring range 4-20mA output precision string potentiometer linear transducer 24vdc CWP-M2500A
US $183.00
CALT 1000mm Range Displacement Linear Pull Wire Position Sensor Length Distance Measurement CESI-S1000
US $108.00
M503 magnetic grid scale linear scale integrated embedded magnetic measurement system
US $38.00
CWP-S500 0-2Kohm Resistance output linear position string pots displacement sensor measuring length 500mm
US $128.00
PLC industrial control automatic positioning grating ruler linear optical ruler effective measuring stroke 500-1000mm
US $110.00
New hxx gcs898 1 micron 50-1000mm optical measuring instruments linear position glass scale for mill machine
US $200.00
600 mm Digital Readout Digital Linear Scale with External Display for Bridgeport Mill Lathe Level Measuring Instruments
US $30.98
0-100mm Vertical type Digital Linear Scales lathe measuring vertical scale 5401-100
US $33.18
New HXX GCS898 1 micron 50-1000mm Optical Measuring Instruments Linear Position Glass Scale For Mill Machine
US $229.90
0-150mm/0-200mm/0-300mm Digital Vertical Linear Scale Reading External Display Remote Readout Measuring Tools
US $34.13
0-150mm Digital Scale Vertical Type Remote Digital Readout Digital Linear Scale Measuring Tool 0.01mm High Accuracy
US $35.42
High Precision Digital 3 Axis Readout Dro DC-3000 And Length Measurement Sensor Dro 1u Linear Scale For Lathe Milling
US $335.00
level measuring instrument tools 3 axis digital screen SNS-3V and 3 pcs 1u 500mm linear encoder for milling/lathe machines
US $275.00
Complete Digital Readout Display System 2 Axis Dro + 2 PCS 5u Linear Encoder Optical Line Measuring Ruler Linear Scales
US $85.00
0-200mm Vertical type Digital Linear Scales Measuring Tool 5401-200
US $34.09
Professional HXX measuring tools gcs900-2d 2 axis dro set and two pcs 5u linear scale 50-1000mm for milling/lathe
US $165.00
Level Measuring Instruments Complete Digital Readout Display System 3 PCS Linear Scales Stroke/Working Length 400MM
US $255.00
High precision linear displacement sensor measuring instrument two dimensional optical ruler KA300 grating ruler resolution 1um
US $125.00
high precision level measuring instrument complete 3 axis dro set/kit with 3 pcs 1u linear glass scales for mill/lathe machine
US $85.00
SHAHE linear scale 1000 mm digital readout linear scale with round display magnetic linear scale measuring tool
US $43.26
New Hxx Measuring High Precision Linear Scale/Encoder One Piece GCS898 5um 50-1000mm For Mill/Lathe/Drilling/Cutting Machines
US $124.00
Dro Set/Kit/Unit Digital Readout Ruler and Control with 3 PCS 5U Linear Glass Scales/Encoder/Sensor Equipment Measurements
US $35.00
0-100mm Digital Scale Vertical Aluminum Alloy Digital Scale Linear Measure Digital Linear Scale Of Milling High Accuracy
US $32.12
0-200mm Digital Scale Vertical High Accuracy Vertical Type Digital Linear Scale Measuring Tool 0.01mm
US $38.00
Complete measurements tools dro digital readout SNS-2V for mill lathe machines with 2 pcs 500mm dimensions linear optical ruler
US $190.00
SHAHE 1000 mm linear scale digital readout linear scale with rectangle display magnetic linear scale measuring tool
US $43.26
2018 Professional hxx new high precision measuring tools 50-1000mm linear glass scales/encoder/sensor for all machines
US $135.00
CALT 4000mm Draw wire linear sensor measuring instrument cable pot displacement transducer digital output
US $288.00
Measuring equipment tools digital readout dro GCS900-2D with 2 pcs 1u 500mm optical linear encoder for lathe/milling machine
US $210.00
Hxx Measuring Tools New Linear Rail/Dimensions 5u GCS898 50-1000mm Dro System For Lathe/Mill/edm Machine With One Piece
US $125.50
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