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African Ebony Carvings

Shengwei of hand crafted ornaments African ebony wood carving brave animal home craft ornaments
US $4207.50
Shengwei of hand carved African ebony do read the Spring and Autumn Guan Gong Guan Er Ye upscale crafts
US $568.00
Black wooden monolith carving mahogany walking stick canes African ebony tree root walking stick wood quality cane walking stick
US $198.00
African black sandalwood carving mythical wild animal mahogany carving black sandalwood Ebony Laughing lucky Handmade sculpture
US $38.33
Black sticks of wood hanging jade carvings of African ebony wood frame mahogany hanging jade jade hanging rack shelf three sets
US $75.00
Black wood carving mahogany cane monolith African ebony wood carving wood cane quality
US $175.00
Yu Zhong African ebony black sticks of wood carving censer incense coil incense smoke incense box hollow sculpture with red wood
US $158.00
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