Darryl Holman

Perhaps you wanted to know what prompted me to start blogging. It was an alarming trend in politics that began with the impeachment of Clinton, and included other things like the Texas redistricting, the 2000 election debacle, the California Governor’s recall, the war in Iraq and other outrages from the Bush administration, and the 2004 gubernatorial election challenge in Washington state.

In short, I felt a patriotic duty to use some of my abilities to strike back against those politicians and policies that are destroying my country. At the same time, I like writing, so here we are!

In real life I am an anthropologist and a demographer. I am an associate professor in the Anthropology Department at the University of Washington, Seattle. I specialize in biological anthropology, human reproductive ecology, and scientific and statistical modeling. If you really need to know more about my professional life, check out my faculty web page or my CV (pdf).

Besides blogging at Hominid Views, I also co-blog at HorsesAss.org and Jesus’ General. I’ve also had the privilege of guest blogging at Blatherwatch and Upper Left.

Besides blogging, I like to play chess, fly airplanes, fix automobiles, tinker in my small machine shop, do things with computers, and play the guitar (esp. the blues). I am a licensed (but inactive) amateur radio operator (WB9TCY) and a licensed (and fairly active) private pilot. In my spare time I am building an airplane.

I was born in Santa Maria, California in 1961 and lived there for the first four wonderful months of my life. My parents moved to Chicago, and I grudgingly followed them from paradise to miserable winters. In 1970, my mother moved to Madison, Wisconsin where I was exposed to liberal ideas and war protests at a young and impressionable age.

I spent 10 years seeking a BS degree in Anthropology from the University of Wisconsin (hey…I was part time, okay? I did other things too, like training as an apprentice locksmith, racing stock cars on the local quarter mile oval circuit, road racing motorcycles with WERA, and playing in a rock band). By the time I finished my undergraduate degree, I liked school so much I forgot to quit. I completed an MS in Anthropology from the University of Wisconsin. I then moved to State College, Pennsylvania to seek a PhD from Penn State University in Anthropology and Demography. Bill Clinton spoke at my PhD graduation ceremony in 1996, but I was at a conference in New Orleans that day. I stuck around at Penn State for a few additional years as a Postdoctoral fellow. Kathy, my POSSLQ (we actually refer to each other by the romantic term “co-debtor”) and I moved to Redmond, Washington in 1999.

I am a liberal. I generally agree with progressive solutions for our society.


More to come….

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