Friday Night Multimedia Extravaganza!

Ed: Where is the Republican JOBS PLAN???

Liberal Viewer: No one to blame for Arizona shootings?

Glenn Beck’s Personal Hell?

Thom: US Muslims have Constitutional rights, too:
Young Turks: Obama on Pot.

Ann Telnaes: Republican’s lack of vision .


Ed: Speaker Boehner and social insecurity.

Newsy: Department of Homeland Security scraps the color coded security alerts.

Mark Fiore with CorporateLand.

Sam Seder: Keith Olbermann is the man who built MSNBC.

Ann Telnaes: Justice Scalia speaks to the Teabaggers.

Members of Congress least likely to have an affair.

Pap with Jonathan Tsaini: It’s not raining, we’re getting peed on.

Cenk: Rand Paul’s KKKrrrrrraaaaaazzzzy budget cutting plan.

Newsy: Obama weighs in on the Egyptian unrest.

Roy Zimmerman: “I approve this message”:

Lawrence O to Utah State Senate, “Ignore House ‘State Gun’ bill.

Sam Seder: Karl Rove broke election law, Eric Holder shrugs.

Ed and Pap: The Supreme Court stooges.

Newsy: The Birfers rise again!

Young Turks: Plot to undermine Planned Parenthood.

Wackjob Rep. Broun: “Obama Is A Socialist!”.

Last week’s Friday Night Multimedia Extravaganza can be found here.

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