The Surge

Obama has seen a surge in his approval rating of late. And the House Republicans can take the credit for it.

Here are a couple of polls. Today’s CNN/Opinion Research poll has Obama approval/disapproval at 55% to 44%. This reflects an approval that is 2% better than a week ago, and 7% better than November and December’s polls. The last time Obama did this well was in November of 2009.

Another example…Rasmussen Reports, whose Presidential approval polls are a bit right leaning (although consistently so), have Obama’s approval/disapproval at 52% to 47%. You have to go back to 17 July 2009 to find approval that high and disapproval that low.

Why do I credit the House Republicans for Obama’s surge? Two reasons.

First, as many political scientists will point out, the President’s approval suffers when he is of the same party that controls both chambers of Congress. So, the fact that the House is controlled by the Republicans seems to have the (apparently psychological) effect of aligning more people with the President.

The second reason is the rather nasty of tone and combative attitude coming from the house Republicans (who are politicking under the influence—of teabags). This perpetual “digging in” works wonders for the rabid right and lunatic teabaggery, but just makes independents and centrists go, “Ewww, Ick!”

These polls come out just before Obama delivers a State of the Union address. I presume he will shy away from topics like the dangers of human-animal hybrids, and stick to something more populist, like rebuilding an America damaged by nearly a decade of reckless frat-boy-gone-wild rule. The surge will continue.

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One Response to “The Surge”

  1. The Raven Says:

    Oh, it’s not the “nastiness;” it’s the content. What the tea partiers believe is incredibly unpopular. The only reason they are in power is huge infusions of Koch brothers money. Also, Obama is always polite. Teflon President II.

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