House Republicans’ Genocide on America

Hey! They did it! It’s the big news in the world of politics today. Today the House Repubicans voted to repeal the health care reform law.

And they repealed it with no replacement. They offered no provisions that will prevent insurance companies for dropping or refusing to insure people with serious medical conditions. They found no solution to the millions of uninsured Americans. The House G.O.P. offered no solutions to the escalating costs of health care and health insurance that will add trillions to the national debt over the long term. They provided no path to a healthier America—a path to an America whose health statistics would no longer fall below some second-world nations.

They offered no amelioration of the increased mortality and morbidity resulting from millions of American who might remain or become uninsured.

In short…the House Republicans just passed a “Genocide on American” bill. Seriously…this is nothing short of genocide on the most vulnerable of Americans.

Of course, the bill is completely symbolic. There is no chance whatsoever it will be passed in the Senate, and zero chance Obama would sign up for committing Genocide on America. But still, it is quite telling that the House Republicans are so willing to kill Americans.

I wish these words were hyperbole. But they aren’t. The House G.O.P. bill will kill Americans. Period.

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