House Republican Will Resume Trying to Kill Americans Next Week

Via the New York Times:

Republicans are carefully trying to return to normal business in the House, announcing on Thursday that lawmakers will next week consider the effort to repeal the health care law that was pulled from the agenda after the Saturday shooting rampage in Arizona.

In other words, the House Republicans are trying to kill the country’s 50 million uninsured—the great majority of whose health care fortunes would turn around from abysmal to okay as provisions of the health care bill come into effect over time. It’s true. An inability to obtain health care and health insurance leads to lower rates of preventive medicine, more frequent illness, lower quality health care, and health care shortcuts dictated by economic concerns (via Urban Institute study, my emphasis):

The absence of health insurance creates a range of consequences, including lower quality of life, increased morbidity and mortality, and higher financial burdens. This paper focuses on just one aspect of this harm—namely, greater risk of death—and seeks to illustrate its general order of magnitude.

In 2002, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) estimated that 18,000 Americans died in 2000 because they were uninsured. Since then, the number of uninsured has grown. Based on the IOM’s methodology and subsequent Census Bureau estimates of insurance coverage, 137,000 people died from 2000 through 2006 because they lacked health insurance, including 22,000 people in 2006.

The huge number of uninsured people in the U.S. is one reason why our nation’s health statistics are rather abysmal compared to many other developed countries. From World Health Organization rankings:

…[I]n 2006, the United States was number 1 in terms of health care spending per capita but ranked 39th for infant mortality, 43rd for adult female mortality, 42nd for adult male mortality, and 36th for life expectancy.

The bottom line is that the Republican efforts to kill the health care reforms enacted by the last Congress amounts to [attempts at] killing more American men and women, their children, and their babies. Why do Republicans want to kill Americans?

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