Sarah Breaks Her Silence

Huh. Just 3 hours after I wrote:

I understand Sarah Palin’s silence completely. [...]

Sarah went to her crib sheet for some talking points, where….

She found blood on her hands.

…Sarah broke her silence.

Apparently she did find blood on her hands, and reacted as any good Wingnut would: by playing the victim card.

“Blood libel?” Really, Sarah?!?

Whence the question: profoundly stupid, or appallingly contemptuous?

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One Response to “Sarah Breaks Her Silence”

  1. Dave Says:

    Wow. Seriously?!? Sarah Superstar has decided she’s going to make these murders and assassination attempt all about Sarah Superstar?

    Even Carly Simon couldn’t imagine vanity so stellar as to suggest the lyric, “I’ll bet you think this memorial is about you. Don’t you? Don’t you?”

    I’m sorry Sarah Superstar, but your picture is NOT here:

    Sarah Superstar ought to learn something from the Drill Sergeants, to paraphrase:

    “This is your weapon, and this is your vibrator, the first is for killing, the other is for fun.”

    Get it straight, Sarah Superstar, will you?

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