Preexisting Condition

Kudos to Congressman-elect Joe Walsh (R-IL), who:

…told CNN’s Jim Acosta that he and his wife will not accept the insurance offered to members of Congress because he made a pledge during the campaign last January.

“My wife and I are going to struggle a little bit because of it.

Nice…Shouldn’t every one of the whackjobs trying to “repeal” the health care reforms hold themselves to this standard?

And even though I applaud Walsh, his reasoning is utterly incomprehensible:

“I don’t want to burden the American taxpayer with my health care bill. The federal government is my employer. Right now, the health care system has a real bias against folks who need to shop out there in the individual market.”

It is hard to understand what he is getting at here. Has it become un-American to join one’s employer’s insurance pool? And isn’t the “bias against folks…in the individual market” exactly the kind of thing the reforms are designed to fix?

“My wife and I now are going to have to go through the struggles that a lot of Americans go through, trying to find insurance in the individual market and having to deal with problems of preexisting conditions.”

WTF?!? He CERTAINLY will have “preexisting conditions” problems if the legislation is “repealed”!

But repeal or not, nothing seems likely to help with his most severe preexisting condition: abject stupidity!

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One Response to “Preexisting Condition”

  1. Daniel K Says:

    That’s the worst part about this: these people don’t actually know what the Affordable Care Act does. They’re too busy calling Obamacare and making up stuff.

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