Friday Night Multimedia Extravaganza!

Jon with the top of the GOP (via TalkingPointsMemo).

The Christie and Bloomberg team is Worst Person in the World!

Ed and Pap: The GOP 2012 Nut-case race begins.

Sam Seder on Countdown: The global warming denying forecast.

Greenman: Winter Weirding:

Young Turks: Poll shows Americans are Progressive on key issues.

Ann Telnaes: Lindsey Graham proposes permanent U.S. bases in Afghanistan.

Sam Seder: Dick Cheney has no pulse, indictments.

Jon with Obama the Payback Kid (via Political Wire).

The Republican Fun House:

Isaac Asimov in 1989 on the Greenhouse Effect.

Pap on FAUX News: New GOP agenda will be disastrous for America.

Ann Telnaes: Justice Scalia and the 14th amendment.

Jon: Let’s all stand on John McCain’s lawn (via OneGoodMove).

David Williams is Worst Person in the World!

Ted Nuget goes all Birfer on Anderson Cooper.

Sam Seder: Most Americans say “tax the rich” to balance budget.

The Black Republican:

Young Turks: Some top Republicans who are terrorist sympathizers.

Last week’s Friday Night Multimedia Extravaganza can be found here.

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One Response to “Friday Night Multimedia Extravaganza!”

  1. YellowPup Says:

    O’Reilly is dense, Neil deGrasse Tyson is God!

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