Birfer Madness

There are several reasons that Birfers still exist. Some promote the idea that Obama was born overseas because they want to try and damage Obama, or portray him as an outsider—a person who isn’t quite American, or who is barely American but not in the right way.

And then there are the nut cases like Orly Taitz who have really internalized the need to believe that Obama isn’t eligible to be President.

So, while I am glad that Hawaii’s new Governor, Neil Abercrombie, is attempting to put an end to the “controversy” by making it possible to release “definitive evidence of Obama’s Hawaiian birth,” it won’t help. The necessary proof was released during the 2008 campaign season, and subsequently verified by two independent fact-checking organizations and corroborated by government officials of Hawaii. Oh…and by two birth announcements in newspapers.

Gov. Abercrombie’s efforts will simply launch new conspiracy theories or will fall on deaf ears. The first group will have the same political and/or racist motivations for trying to discredit the scary semi-black guy who isn’t like them (and many of these folks already know their public claims are bullshit). And the nut cases will still be—well…NUTS.

But I will certainly enjoy having more facts to beat the Birfers over the head with….

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