Friday Night Multimedia Extravaganza!

Maddow: What is the opposite of “country first”.

Cenk: Meet the Republican welfare queens.

Roy Zimmerman with Holly Near: I ain’t afraid.

Jon looks at Sen. McCain on DADT (via TalkingPointsMemo).

David Pakman : Time for Samuel Alito to resign:

Lewis Black: Nanny State (via OneGoodMove).

Maddow: Presidential debt.

ONN: Obama replaces costly highspeed rail with high speed buses.

Ed: Republican’s attack, “It’s all about defeating Obama in 2012″.

Sam Seder with Tina Dupuy: A liberal version of FAUX News is fine. Just not the news part.

Porno Scanners?

Sam Seder with Random Rush.

Cenk: Foreclosure fraud.

Jon: Republicans are adults?!? (Via TalkingPointsMemo.)

Red State Update: Don’t let Obama ruin Christmas.

Ed: Earmarks have nothing to do with deficit.

Alaska’s Crazy Senate Race:

Maddow: John McCain’s flip flopping.

True Crimes Movement with Bush’s book.

Cenk and Brian Ungar: Squirming over Bristol and other oddities.

Republican Health Care Hypocrisy:

Roy Zimmerman: “Limbaugh (How Low Can You Go?)”:

Jon: Cindy McCain’s PSA (via OneGoodMove).

Newsy: Bristol stays—Viewers seethe.

Crazy Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX): U.S. shouldn’t have bailed out G.M..

Jon Channels Glenn Beck:

Young Turks: Republicans love nuclear weapons?

Mark Fiore: Mad As Hell.

Cenk: Let’s cut the defense budget.

Senator Lindsey Graham & John Boehner are naturally Worst Persons in the World!

Sam Seder: Should we show tolerance for climate deniers?!?

Olbermann: London mayor warns Bush not to go to London.

GOP Chicken Out of Meeting:

Roy Zimmerman: Beatles austerity.

Keith debuts Worst (Not Really) Person in the World!

Ed: G.O.P. Freshman out for political blood.

George Bush takes a torturous route to Worst Person in the World!

Last week’s Friday Night Multimedia Extravaganza can be found here.

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