So Stupid You Might Think He Has Brain Damage

Sarge in Seattle, a Kos diarist and frequent commenter at Horse Ass went to a candidates forum at Newcastle Golf Club. Among other candidates at the forum were Rep. Dave Reichert (R-WA-08) and his opponent Suzan DelBene.

Here’s the stunning report from Sarge:

Three term Republcian Congressman Dave Reichert closed out the event with a speech, after which he fielded a few questions. My neighbor, Judy, asked him about Glass-Steagall. I didn’t hear the question, but I was shocked at the answer.

“I’m not familiar with Glass-Steagall. If you give me your contact information I’ll get back to you later.”


When the questioner clarified she was talking about financial reform, Reichert delivered a long, convoluted opposition to the Wall Street reform bill that was recently signed into law by President Obama.

Glass-Steagall, as most of you know, was put in place after the 1929 crash.

So what we have here is a three-term Congressman who has held office through the worst financial and economic crisis since the Great Depression. And he doesn’t know about Glass-Steagall. As Sarge puts it:

To not be familiar with Glass Steagall, today, is to not be qualified to be a U.S. Congressman.

Update: The movie….

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One Response to “So Stupid You Might Think He Has Brain Damage”

  1. Unkl Witz Says:

    One of the problems with evaluating traumatic brain injuries is establishing a baseline of prior function. In poor Dave’s case, he was somewhat inarticulate to begin with, so this type of performance is not that far out of his norm.

    Having said that, is there any objective voter out there who could listen to this unfocused, rambling diatribe against healthcare reform, which is not even the subject of the interviewer’s question, and not come to the conclusion that this guy is just simply lost?

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