New Washington Poll: Murray leads Rossi 50% to 42%

KPLU is reporting that a new poll in the Washington senatorial race will be released today from The Washington Poll. The poll shows Sen. Patty Murray (D) leading real estate opportunist cum foreclosure seminar motivational speaker Dino Rossi (R) by 50% to 42%.

The sample size is 500 giving a margin of error of 4.3%. I’ll provide a more detailed analysis when the poll results are released.

The Washington poll is made using live calls (like Elway). This poll differs from most other polls in this race in that the results are of registered voters, rather than likely voters. The poll was sponsored by KPLU and KCTS-9 and conducted by the University of Washington out of the Political Science Department. (In the interest of full disclosure, I work for the UW; however, I have nothing to do with this poll.)

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One Response to “New Washington Poll: Murray leads Rossi 50% to 42%”

  1. dsentor Says:

    My phone rang twice right after the debate last night with two pollsters. I’ve already giving my positions on all the issues and candidates so I refuse to take any more polls.

    In last night’s debate I noted that Rossi had no concrete solutions to the problems we face only criticisms to the current path. He also said the health care bill was partisan. I beg to differ as many of the ideas came directly from former republican proposals.

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