Metro Record

I did my part to contribute…

King County Metro set a new ridership record in 2006 with over 103 million boardings.

The previous record was set in 2000.

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One Response to “Metro Record”

  1. Emily Says:

    Way back during the first Gulf War, I nagged my husband to give the bus a try. He’d been driving to work. Imagine his surprise when he discovered that the liked bussing better than driving!! He’s since changed jobs and has a lot longer commute (north Seattle to Bellevue), but he still gets there via bike and bus.

    My younger brother in southern New Jersey had an hour-long commute. When gas prices went sky-high a year or so ago, he checked out the bus commuting scene. He, too, found that he prefers the bus to driving!!! His trip now takes 90 minutes each way instead of an hour, but he gets to read a book the whole time. He read Moby Dick instead of watching out for traffic.

    Everybody ought to check out commuting by bus. Aside from saving money and wear and tear on your car, some people will actually prefer it to driving.

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