The Dirty Little Secrets that Republicans Hide

I’m shocked. shocked, I tell you!

Last week we learned that a prominent King County Republican had difficulties with his sexual urges.

So much for the party of family values.

Now we learn that this same guy, while serving as the bookkeeper for King County Prosecutor Norm Maleng’s campaign, swiped $72,000.

In a letter sent Thursday to Snohomish County Chief Criminal Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Joan Cavagnaro, who is heading up the sex case, campaign treasurer Mike McKay said Corrigan misappropriated the money from May 2004 until early 2005 and returned about $10,000 of it to the campaign fund in January 2006. Corrigan, who maintained bookkeeping duties for Maleng’s campaign, sent $67,503.19 back to the campaign trust on Monday, McKay said.

Corrigan’s attorney, John Wolfe, confirmed this afternoon that Corrigan admitted to misappropriating the campaign funds.

So much for the party of fiscal responsibility.

Oh…did I mention that Larry Corrigan was, until he quit last year, the financial director of the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office?

Update: In the comment thread, Richard Pope points out something very interesting. Norm Maleng did not report to the PDC the $10,000 returned to his campaign by Corrigan in January of 2006. Doing so might have resulted in enough “dirt” to draw a Democratic opponent into the race.

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2 Responses to “The Dirty Little Secrets that Republicans Hide”

  1. Richard Pope Says:

    Darryl — this story would have missed my radar screen if I wasn’t a regular reader of your blog. This is outrageous.

    Jane Hague has had the same thing happened with her campaign. She had over $100,000 stolen from her campaign by her former treasurer. Found out about it in the spring of 2005. $70,000 or so was returned in July 2005. She didn’t report the return of the $70,000 or the misappropriated money in any public filing until February 2006.

    Had Jane Hague reported this timely — as the law requires — she would have probably ended up with a Democrat opponent in the 2005 election. And she would have been vulnerable — just check out the party results in the 6th King County Council district in other partisan races.

    Maleng is guilty of the same concealment. He failed to report the $10,000 that was returned in January of this year — nothing in the C3 filings for this. Nor did he correct any of his previous PDC filings to report the money spent through embezzlement.

    Had Maleng properly reported to the PDC, he would have been much more likely to have drawn a Democrat opponent. And there would have been an extremely good chance of Maleng being defeated. And the bad publicity about Corrigan would have possibly made the difference in Reichert’s campaign as well.

    Wonder if he stole any money from Reichert’s 1997 and 2001 campaigns, where he was also treasurer? Reichert has weak opposition in 1997 and none in 2001. It is easy to steal from an unopposed campaign in a certain sense — why do they need all the money after all?

    When Republicans are unopposed, they tend to raise and spend a lot of money for campaigns. Perhaps more so than Democrats. When Rob McKenna was unopposed for re-election to the King County Council in 1999 and 2003, he raised and spent over $200,000 each time. Same thing with Jane Hague in 1997 and 2001.

  2. Darryl Says:


    First, thanks for reading and for leaving a comment.

    Wow…this is a very interesting point you raise about Maleng not reporting $10,000 in January. Do you intend to file a complaint?

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