Election Night Surprise

I started out at the Montlake Ale House this evening to meet with the regular crowd. You know, Carl Ballard, Belltowner, The Liberal Girl Next Door, Nick, Goldy, and Stefan.


Yep. Seattle’s other Uberblogger showed up and bought a pitcher of beer for his liberal friends….

(Stefan Sharkansky and David Goldstein. Click for a larger image.)

In fact, Stefan Sharkansky was a lot of fun. I enjoyed meeting him. He and Goldy got into a spirited, but friendly, discussion about the 2004 election contest. Hey…thanks for stopping by, Stefan. And stop by again!

I then proceeded to the Democrat’s party at the Sheridan in downtown Seattle and listened to the good news rolling in. And, man, is it ever good news so far!

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4 Responses to “Election Night Surprise”

  1. michael Says:

    Well, Derek Kilmer will be the first Democratic state senator from the 26th LD since 1986. Derek’s big on funding higher ed.

  2. Dano Says:

    You have to be able to not take this stuff personally. I don’t agree with Stefan’s politics either, but that gesture displayed class. All of us are still people at the end of the day.



  3. Jimmy Says:

    That picture reminds me of a japanese cowboy.

  4. Stefan Sharkansky Says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Darryl. I enjoyed meeting you too. And I will drop in again sometime.

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