Judge Rules in Favor of Microsoft or Google

King County Superior Court Judge Steven Gonzalez released his opinion yesterday lifting a temporary restraining order against Google. Kai-Fu Lee, a former Microsoft employee in China, can work for Google for now:

Microsoft has not sufficiently shown that it has a clear legal or equitable right to enjoin Dr. Lee, pending trial, from establishing and staffing a Google Development Facility in China

Lee is restricted from doing some jobs like developing search and language technologies. Furthermore,

Google is enjoined from employing Lee for or otherwise engaging him in any activities competitive with any product, service or project on which he worked or about which he learned confidential, proprietary or trade secrets while employed at Microsoft.

Both Google and Microsoft claimed victory.

Tom Burt, Microsoft’s deputy general counsel said that

We’re really pissed pleased with our spanking victory in court. The preliminary injunction imposes very substantial restrictions on the work that Lee can do for Google. But it really pisses us off, anyway!

An anonymous spokesperson from Microsoft further downplayed the ruling, claiming “Dr. Lee was only hired by Google because his wife recommended him for the job.”


Steve Ballmer is rumored to have picked up a sofa and thrown it through the window of his Redmond campus office, while screaming, “Now I am really going to fucking kill Google!”

“Really! Kill … FUCKING KIIIIIILLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!”

No injuries were reported in the Ballmer incident, but a specimen of Lange’s metalmark Butterfly (Apodemia mormo langei), an endangered species, was reportedly found crushed by the wreckage. Previously, the butterfly was only found in areas of California.

A Redmond police officer, speaking anonymously, told reporters “This is serious. Given that the butterfly crossed state lines prior to getting ‘Ballmered,’ this matter is now covered by the interstate commerce clause of the Constitution. I’ve called in the Feds.”

Bill Gates was reportedly speechless.


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2 Responses to “Judge Rules in Favor of Microsoft or Google”

  1. thehim Says:

    Nice post. The ruling pretty much says that Lee has to abide by his NDA. I have to as well, but I don’t think Ballmer threw any chairs when I left.

  2. Darryl Says:

    Hi thehim,

    Yes, I interperted this as ruling as you say. I found it curious that Microsoft bothered to spin this. Hence the sillyness near the end.

    I’m sure Ballmer at least threw a pencil across the room when you left. :-)

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