A Few Good Phrases for Reichert

Rep. Dave Reichert
1223 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Congressman Reichert:

I wanted to be the first to congratulate you and your team on your clever new campaign strategy. I saw your new campaign ad yesterday, in which you placed this quote in the video:

“Burner’s charges hurt by ‘inaccuracies’” — Seattle Times 9/24/06

I’m sure you knew it was just a matter of time before someone would realize that the Seattle Times never actually wrote that phrase.

Normally, it would be outrageous for a campaign to simply make up statements and attribute them to a newspaper. But, I think I am beginning to understand your strategy here.

First there will be outrage, complaints, and calls for you to pull the ad. All this bloviating will, of course, distract voters— it will prevent you from having to defend your own voting record and the way you almost always vote with the President and the House Republican Leadership. It will distract people from the horrors of death and chaos in Iraq and your support for it. Voters will forget about those votes you took to allow torture and warrantless wiretapping. Most importantly, it will sidetrack voters who are now focused on a GOP leadership scandal.

And then, after a week or so of outrage from the left over that quotation, your campaign spokeswoman will calmly point out that it was a production error. She will apologize and lay the blame on a graphic artist who accidentally put double quotes around the entire phrase when the script clearly called for only the single quotes around the word ‘inaccuracies.’

My advice is that you make one more of these “errors” before next week, as you can attribute it to errors made weeks ago by that same graphic artist. I mean, if all it takes is one actual word from a newspaper, there are a lot of good, distracting phrases you can “quote” from that same Seattle Times article. For example:

  • ”Burner falsely ‘accuses’ Reichert of aiding Gary Ridgeway” — Seattle Times 9/24/06
  • ”Burner claims she has power to tell the ‘future’” — Seattle Times 9/24/06
  • ”Burner admits that Reichert is the ‘hottest’ sitting congressman.” — Seattle Times 9/24/06
  • ”Burner’s negative campaign speech portrays Reichert as an ‘infant’-hater” — Seattle Times 9/24/06
  • ”Burner hides her true belief ‘that’ Iraq has WMD” — Seattle Times 9/24/06

This is but a small sample of the limitless phrases that can be ‘found’ in the article. Please feel free to use any of them, provided you properly attribute them to the Seattle Times.

Yours verily,


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2 Responses to “A Few Good Phrases for Reichert”

  1. CoolAqua Says:

    Thanks for taking the time to document the Seattle Times persistent bias. Its nothing new, and it isn’t going away. It was even apparent in last nights debate between Darcy Burner and Dave Reichert.

  2. Tahoma Activist Says:

    I took a look at several mainstream rags this week and noticed that all seem to favor McGavick and Reichert.

    Don’t they know that our country is sliding into fascism? Are they for it?

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