Demographers Count!

My census form arrived today.

And given that two academic demographers live in my household, and I have a PhD in Demography, it was almost exciting ripping open the envelope.

So maybe we’re an outlier household. Still it should be exciting for everyone given that the census results are extremely important from a political perspective.

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2 Responses to “Demographers Count!”

  1. Sharon Krossa Says:

    I was pretty excited to get my census form — I’d been looking forward to it for some time. But, as a trained historian and, even more, amateur genealogist, I confess to being rather disappointed with the small number of questions asked. This census won’t be the same gold mine of information as the early 20th century ones were…

    (I expect I was one of the few disappointed not to get a long form in the last census…)

  2. HistoryGoddess Says:

    Sharon, I was disappointed, too, that I got the short form! I love using those old census forms and so do my human geography students.

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