Animation Silliness

Yesterday I purchased a copy of Macromedia’s Flash Professional 8. After spending a couple of hours playing around with it last night, I decided to tackle a real animation today.

Remember Nathanatos, the person who occasionally posts here? Well, I created an introductory animation for him.


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4 Responses to “Animation Silliness”

  1. Nathanatos Says:

    Heh, nice! I’m not sure what inspired this — I can only assume you were in the grip of utter boredom. :) Looks like you picked up Flash pretty quickly, though.

  2. Darryl Says:

    I’m not sure what inspired this.

    Clearly, Nathanatos, I was inspired by your ‘about me’ page. It was a nice little mini-story ready for a movie version.

    Looks like you picked up Flash pretty quickly, though.

    Yes…there are a few basic concepts to learn and the rest is pretty obvious. The waving and blinking frames were done in The Gimp.

    BTW: thanks for the help in researching the software!

  3. M@u Says:

    Crazy stuff! You need a higher res pic of the grim reaper tho…

    Darryl, I didnt know you were a flasher! I’ve got an extra rubber
    raincoat if you need one.


    - M@

  4. Darryl Says:

    Hey M@,

    Yea…the Thanatos was looking a little pixelatious there. But, it was just a first attempt at doing a flash animation. It is all good, though, because the picture of Nathanatos is so freaking funny (in a good way!).

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