Friday Night Multimedia Extravaganza!

The new Senator from Massachusetts.

Olbermann: Palin rails against the U.S. on foreign soil.

Even Hugo Chavez thinks FAUX News is a joke.

Maddow: A day of good and bad at the U.N..

Defining “Glenn Beck Crazy”:

Neocons are wrong about everything they have thought about.

Young Turks: Review of Michael Moore’s Capitalism.

Maddow: The truth about the lies about ACORN.

Headzup: WWE’s Linda McMahon announces senate candidacy.

Psycho Talk: Rep. Steve King (R-IA) claims gay marriage equals socialism.

Bill Clinton explains why he now supports same sex marriage.

The kiss of The Obama.

Stephen: Jimmy Carter owes us an apology (via DailyKos).

Red State Update: Is it racist to hate President Obama?

Bill-O schooled on racism by Dr. Jeremy Levitt.

Young Turks: Does al Qaeda know what they are doing?

Lynching a Census Employee???

Chavez can’t smell the sulfur any more.

Liberal Viewer: FAUX News forgets about property rights.

Music Video: Obama Girl’s new crush?

Young Turks: Orly Taitz gets rebuked by her client.

Mark Fiore: World Domination!

Jon: Climate change (via OneGoodMove).

Young Turks: Republican mailer appeals to racists.

Cafferty: When he goes to prison they can show that…to the general inmate population. (via Crooks and Liars).

Young Turks: FAUX News whines about being snubbed by Obama.

Stephen with Easter, under attack (via OneGoodMove).

Jon goes after some wingnut wackiness (via DailyKos).

FAUX News asks Why are we funding this?

ONN: Bat loose in Congress.

The Week in Health Care Reform:

Pap: They hate their emancipated President.

Olbermann: Some people (e.g. Obama) can walk and chew gum at the same time. .

Stephen on Tom DeLay dancing (via Crooks and Liars).

Young Turks: Palin goes to Communist China and attacks the President…during a time of war! :

Headzup: David Vitter on the ACORN prostitute scandal.

Young Turks: Feingold and Franken go after the Patriot Act.

Olbermann does Michael Moore.

Last week’s Friday Night Multimedia Extravaganza can be found here.

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