God’s Freedom through Slavery: A View from the Great Peninsula

Adele Ferguson, a political columnist for the Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal, waxes philosophical over the question, “Why do blacks continue to support Democrats?”

Ms. Ferguson is a real piece of…um…work. Her essay is a muddled racist rant in which she enlightens us as to God’s true purpose behind slavery:

One of these days before I die, I hope to see a shift in the attitudes of so many of my black brothers and sisters in this great country we share, from perpetual victimhood, to pride in their achievements on the road from slave to American citizen.

Remember Ronald Reagan’s story about the kid who had to shovel a huge pile of manure? He went about it with such joy he was asked why and said, “With all that manure, there’s got to be a pony in there somewhere.”

The pony hidden in slavery is the fact that it was the ticket to America for black people. I have long urged blacks to consider their presence here as the work of God, who wanted to bring them to this raw, new country and used slavery to achieve it. A harsh life, to be sure, but many immigrants suffered hardships and indignations as indentured servants. Their descendants rose above it. You don’t hear them bemoaning their forebears’ life the way some blacks can’t rise above the fact theirs were slaves.

Umm…somebody ought to tell the poor dear that there really wasn’t a pony buried in the pile of manure, and likewise, her “pony hidden in slavery” is largely an illusion.

A bad metaphor aside, if I understand her point, it is that God’s great gift to Africans was to (link) kidnap them, brand ‘em as property with red-hot irons, pack them into ships without enough room to even lie down, living in their own piss and shit, while sailing to the “promise of America” where they were treated like property, their families were broken-up, their women were raped, their children taken away and sold, where they were beaten (sometimes to death), poor, and uneducated for a number of generations, finally to have freedom granted to them—freedoms with no education, few possessions, no land ownership, no right to vote, and broken kin support networks.

Yeah…that promise.

Thanks, God! You’re a real pal.

Or, should I say, “thanks Adele,” because clearly this is a God she has formed in her own mind to justify her ignorant, bigotous view of the world.

“Gift” of slavery, indeed. Hey, Adele, has anyone ever told you that you are a fucking idiot?!?

Actually, I have to question whether or not Adele has ever even met a black person. I mean Kitsap county had a black population of fewer than 3% in the 2000 census. And 20 years before that, back when Adele got around a little more, the figure was under 2%. But, apparently this dear old lady seems to think she understands the burden of being an African American in modern America.

What other gems are bestowed upon us by Ms. Ferguson?

The treatment given President Bush at Coretta King’s funeral was shameful. And these weren’t poor, uneducated black people who “dissed” him. They were among the country’s top-drawer blacks, there to bury black royalty. While Bush got the cold shoulder, former President Clinton was welcomed as if he still held the office.

Yeah…maybe that’s because President Clinton didn’t treat African Americans like a pair of socks in that “top drawer” ready to be pressed into service and paraded about for political points. Or maybe it is because Clinton’s policies, by and large, benefited African Americans, whereas George Bush’s policies generally don’t. Or maybe it is because Clinton didn’t snub the NAACP? With so many compelling reasons, it is hard to tell which reason is the most important.

It mystifies me why the black population remains in thrall to the Democratic party.

That’s because you are an idiot. The answer is very simple at one level. It is because “[o]nly 2 percent — 2 percent! — of African-Americans approve of George Bush’s handling of the presidency — the lowest we have ever seen in that particular measure.” Let’s see…the de facto head of the Republican party can’t keep his approval among blacks above the margin of error. It can hardly be surprising that blacks gravitate toward that other party. It ain’t rocket science.

The rest of Ms. Ferguson column is an illogical rant that attempts to link black poverty to the lack of school vouchers and charter schools, and blames teacher’s unions for killing public education. Therefore, she argues, teacher’s unions are responsible for black poverty. Yeah…sure. All we need to do is eliminate teacher’s unions, and Ms. Ferguson’s black brothers and sisters will magically achieve equality.

Finally, following this tenuous chain of “reasoning,” Ms. Ferguson accuses blacks of “acting the victim” because they support Democrats.

Did I mention that this woman is an idiot?

If you want to offer Ms. Ferguson some constructive criticism on her essay, contact her at Adele Ferguson, P.O. Box 69, Hansville, WA, 98340.

(Thanks to Devon for pointing out the article.)

Update: Many thanks to The General for the link and the great satirical commentary. Thanks to Daniel who gives the phone number of the Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal (360-876-7900), and Teapot Dome for the editor’s email address (biznews@wetapple.com). Send ‘em some love!

Update II: MJS at Correntewire writes a song in celebration of Adele’s piece (via The General).

Update III: It looks like the Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal has pulled the editorial!

Update IV: The Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal will not be renewing Ms. Ferguson’s contract!

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56 Responses to “God’s Freedom through Slavery: A View from the Great Peninsula”

  1. pasta65 Says:

    After reading that I am speechless. How can she be so ignorant and how in the hell did that slip by with out someone saying something to her?

  2. Pollen Boy Says:

    Pasta, the answer is obvious. The lady (?) is a dyed-in-the-wool republican. Ignorance is strength to these bipeds.

  3. FSA Says:

    Great work, but maybe you could rethink the part where you say “..treated like property, their families were broken-up, there women were raped..”

    Their women?

  4. puginov Says:

    Adele was syndicated in the local paper when I was growing up . . . I’ve screamed all I can scream at her insipid writings. I thought she would have passed on by now, though.

  5. WB Reeves Says:

    As a deep south southerner whose family roots extend back to far before the Civil War, I have to say that Fergusen’s mentality is hardly unfamiliar. It’s the product of generations spent minimizing, excusing and even justifying the crime of slavery both before and after emancipation. If people could claim, as they did, that slavery was just, humane and a social necessity when the manifold horrors of the institution were evident to their eyes, why should it be any surprise that their descendents would continue to embrace such delusions when the actual crime has receded into history?

    I don’t know if Fergusen has any direct family connection to slavery but her “reasoning” is of a piece with those who do. “It wasn’t that bad and even if it was it was the will of God.”

    To recognize the hideous immorality of slavery as a crime perpetrated by human greed as opposed to a divine mandate is to indict one’s ancestors as depraved hypocrites. Worse, it deligitimizes the institutions bequeathed by them as being erected on a corrupt and criminal foundation. Since, for any marginally ethical person, such a judgement would necessarily require action to ameliorate the effects of this historical crime, such folks as Fergusen are loath to admit the charge.

  6. Aaron Kinney Says:

    Its old hags like her that make me want to see the life expectancy in America drop. Its time for this old relic to be thrown to the scrap heap.

    I hope lots of black people verbally rip her a new asshole.

  7. Redleg Says:

    I am made speechless by Furgusen’s racist, ignorant ramblings.

    Unfortunately, as another commenter stated, her views are not unusual among Southern conservatives. In fact, I have heard conservatives outside the South make similar comments about Blacks.

  8. gus Says:

    You guys seem to equate bigotry of blacks to the south, alone.
    There are many more racists in the north than the south. More blacks have been shot by King County WA cops in the last 5 years than by Leesville, LA cops in the history of the Leesville LA police force.
    As you might have guessed, I moved here from Leesville.

  9. Fast Eddie Says:

    It’s not just a common trope among white American conservatives. Apologists for European colonialism in the Middle East and North Africa all use the same “blessing in disguise” meme. “See,” so the argument goes, “a lot of you wogs were killed or otherwise treated like crap, and your societies have continued to lag behind ours decades later because of all that mistreatment, but all we were really doing was secretly giving you backward folks a sneak peek at the wonders of being so gosh-darned advanced and rich and Jesus-loving and white. Don’t thank us, we’re just doing our Jesus-mandated jobs.”

    Bigots and oppressers have to justify their bigotry and oppression somehow or else their heads might explode. These days, thankfully, it’s no longer acceptable to talk openly about the supposed inferiority of one race to another (although it’s still largely OK to do so in “code”), so the defense becomes, “well, maybe we cruelly mistreated you all, but you’re all better off for it, so shut up about it already.” Read most of the work of Bernard Lewis, the highly influential (amongst the neo-cons) “dean of Middle Eastern Studies,” and you’ll see him make this argument over and over again (using subtle phrasing most of the time).

  10. kevin nettleship Says:

    I read Adele’s opinion piece with such joy. When my friend asked why I answered, “With all that manure, there’s got to be a pony in there somewhere.” Then I realized, Adele’s one of our lower-drawer whites…poor, uneducated, a real southern “lady”.

    Next time you wonder why blacks aren’t attracted to the GOP…go look in the mirror!

  11. boiled owl Says:

    I have recently moved to rural Somerset, which is almost exclusively white. I love the people here in many ways, but they do think that brown (even pale brown) people all get free rides in this world…and have even espoused opinions remarkably similar to Ms. Furgusen’s. Racism knows no boundaries.

  12. clb72 Says:

    Adele, just spoke with God, and he said that all the blessings you bestow on African Americans in your columns will be yours in the hereafter. Praise his name.

  13. Jeff Says:

    I bet her next column deals with why those selfish Jews won’t just admit that the Nazis did them a favor by culling their ranks? Less people, more job opportunities! It’s just simple math!

    How in the Hell did the editor of ANY newspaper allow this to be printed? Not only does this ignorant old fuck deserve to be smacked down, but anyone who published this shit deserves to be fired on the spot.

    You just can’t make shit like this up, can you?

  14. Anne Says:

    Great work, but maybe you could rethink the part where you say “..treated like property, their families were broken-up, there women were raped..”

    Their women?

    Great essay, but yeah, I’ve gotta echo this. The exclusionary phrasing mars the impact of the piece.

  15. Anne Says:

    I would say this:

    where they were treated like property: families were broken up, women were raped, children taken away and sold

    (Sorry, I’m a writer.) Anyway, the point still stands.

    And yes, this way of thinking isn’t exclusive to the South, nor does everyone here think this way.

  16. diane Says:

    I can’t wait to hear her opinion on women in our society!
    God help us if we ever let the right wing christians get total control of this country, I will walk to Canada

  17. Hershele Ostropoler Says:

    I thought she was black. Who else sas “brothers and sisters”?

    Anyway, are there no ethnic groups in the U.S. that don’t owe their presence here to slavery?

    Lastly, Gus, you’re right, when I think racism, I think Boston and I think the Detroit suburbs.

  18. John Clavis Says:

    When I was growing up, I comforted myself by believing that the racists and hillbillies and closed-minded idiots like Adele Fergusen would all be dead by the time I was 40, replaced by their children, who would surely have learned how foolish and provincial their parents’ positions would be.

    No such luck.

    Many parts of this country are *still* run by idiots who think evolution is “just a theory”, Saddam Hussein planned 9/11 and slavery was “God’s gift to the coloreds.” They are a big part of the reason Bush is President and this country is in such a mess.

  19. Dirty Howie Says:

    Are sure this old bag isn’t Barbara Bush using a pen name? Hell, my family is a bunch of racist fucks. I was married to a black woman at one time and they couldn’t wait to spout the ‘n’ word in her company. One reason she left me. So, yeah, there’s lots of these ol’ racist whites walkin’ around. The editor of this stinkhole paper has to be one for sure. They’re all out of touch with reality, like their great King George, and will turn away, like Bill Frist when questioned on the Dubai ports deal, when confronted with the truth.

  20. decorticator Says:

    It seems like if I accept the premise that God caused these people to be kidnapped and enslaved, so that their descendants couild have a better life, I also accept the folowing:

    In order to be saved and avoid going to hell, these slaves on the ships would have had to convert to Christianity before they died. The death rate on the slave ships was very high, many slaves died during the voyage. I doubt that any of the slaves spoke any English, or Dutch, or Spanish, or that any crew on the ship would have bothered to instruct them in Christian priciples and baptize them.

    Logically, then, it seems that God condemned these people to eternal damnation on purpose, giving them no other choice.

    Seems kind of harsh.

  21. Terr Says:

    Well, I live in Kitsap County. I feel dirty by mere geographical association.

    More blacks have been shot by King County WA cops in the last 5 years than by Leesville, LA cops in the history of the Leesville LA police force.
    As you might have guessed, I moved here from Leesville

    Uhm… A usefuless statistic, by itself. Leesville’s got… what… 6,753 people (2386 identifying as Black), whereas King County has 1,720,000 people and maybe 96,000 identifying as Black? The exact math aside, the fact that King County has over 25 times the population might have an effect.

  22. Ken Says:

    (Sorry, I’m a writer.)

    I’m a writer, too, but I wouldn’t think of correcting other people’s writing on the Internet. The word “their” is referring to African-American slaves in general, and thus is entirely correct.

  23. Tom3 Says:

    Yes there are racists up North too…They’re called REPUBLICANS.

  24. Washingtonian Says:

    Adele Fergusen has been around for decades and has gotten weirder and more crazy with age. She used to be quite widely published in Washington State newspapers. I believe she was orginally from Eastern Washington where her politics were a bit more accepted. As I recall she has always had these ‘nice’ racist and extreme republican views.

  25. KivaOraibi Says:

    I’m a writer, too, but I wouldn’t think of correcting other people’s writing on the Internet. The word “their” is referring to African-American slaves in general, and thus is entirely correct.

    Of course it’s wrong. It makes (a) the slaves out to be male, and (b) the women to be their property.

    There were African-American women who were slaves who were raped, sure. But they’re not “their women”, unless “they” only refers to men, and you assume some sort of ownership.

  26. Jenny Lee Says:

    Diane FYI, the right wing Christians ARE in control of our country…you better be puttin on yer walkin shoes?

    and John Clavis, not all us hillbillys are racist and ignorant…just as all blacks aren’t shiftless and lazy, all jews aren’t greedy, etc… prejudice because of accent, region and ancestry is no prettier than that associated with race.

    and this woman is still allowed to write that trash just like Fox news is spewing the same…only as the other commentator said–in code. spoken outright is in a way at least an honest admission of what she’s thinking, unlike right wing politicians and media who are just as full of shit but slicker.

  27. Anne Says:

    I was saying “I’m a writer” not to proclaim superiority but to explain why I was moved to comment on the phrasing, which, given the nature of open comments, I am allowed to do, whether another commenter finds it to be rude or not :)

  28. Anne Says:

    Oh, and also: I wasn’t saying it was incorrect, nor was the person who initially commented on it. Anyway, moving on.

  29. scarshapedstar Says:

    their women were rapped

    That was just one of Snoop’s ancestors.

  30. ME Says:

    You’ve let the unions keep your kids down too long already.

    Say it, Sista Adele! Tell everyone how your brothers and sisters themselves have long allowed ‘da Man’ to keep black folks down!

    Oh, the Republicans ARE ‘the Man’ and you yourself, Adele, aren’t black? Hmmm, that may be problematic for your argument, blames the victim and turns your advice into (yet more) pandering. Never mind, just ignore it (because you’re an ignorant kind of person) and sing, sing, sing: Nobody knows… da trouble I’se seen…..

  31. Daniel Says:

    uh, bhah, ddd, hmmm gughuha…WTF???

    That is what I sounded like reading that, I live in Washington State..and I wish I could say I was surprised.

    Here is the phone number of the Kitsap Penisula Buisiness Journal – 360-876-7900.

    Maybe we might call the editor and let him or her know, while there is (still) the right to freedom of speech in the country, it is quite surprising that a “newspaper” would want to associate itself with such highly offensive and blatantly racist comments.

    I guess they agree that God just wanted people in Africa to be raped, whipped, beaten, starved, denied basic human rights, subjected to forced labor for 14 hours a day until they died or got to old to work, denied health care, and had to watch their children being sold out from underneath them, just so he could bring them to a country that 200 years later would allow a peice of shit fat old white woman to write an article like that and get it pubished in a newspaper.

    Enjoy your pony.

    God loves you.

  32. North_O_The_49th Says:

    diane Says:

    March 14th, 2006 at 10:33 am

    I can’t wait to hear her opinion on women in our society!
    God help us if we ever let the right wing christians get total control of this country, I will walk to Canada

    Sadly, it’s already begun here, too. I’ve been scanning US poli-blogs from both sides for about 6 months, long enough to get a flavor for what I’ve been seeing develop in the 3 since a Conservative government was elected here.

    There are even a few in the spirit of Fergusen, and it ain’t pretty. Whether it’s rabid homophobia or condescendingly elitist racism, it’s all about hatred and fear that they just can’t wait to share.

    Too bad they can’t keep it to themselves and (no apologies to Bill) JUST SHUT UP!

  33. God Says:

    Finally, I found that bitch. I have been looking to rapture her ass for a long time, and she keeps hiding.
    Don’t worry y’all, I got it, my bad.

    Please Rapture for Bush every day.

  34. TBLJ Says:

    Awsome post. The sad thing is that I have met people like her before. They believe the stupid history that has been past down in their families about slaves and black people and they also believe the school text books they grew up reading in school.

  35. Jo Fish Says:

    This woman truly proves the maxim that “Not all republicans are racists, but all racists are republican“. No effing shit.

  36. kevin nettleship Says:

    RE: Post by Anne: March 14th, 2006 at 10:32 am

    “And yes, this way of thinking isn’t exclusive to the South, nor does everyone here think this way.”

    You’re right with your statement that that way of thinking is not only in the south. However, I must say that that way of talking is.

    It reminds me of black friends’ who have lived in both the North and South having a preference for the South. As one person put, “At least in the South you know where you stand with a person.”

    Which is worse: having a racist point-of-view and, knowing it’s not accepted, keeping it to yourself; being completetly oblivious to your racism?

  37. k-man Says:

    What God does Ms. Fergueson serve?

  38. joe russell Says:

    What others have said in much better words than I can….

    History shows that there is nothing so easy to enslave and nothing so hard to emancipate as ignorance, hence it becomes the double enemy of civilization.  By its servility it is the prey of tyranny, and by its credulity it is the foe of enlightenment. 
    ~Lemuel K. Washburn, Is The Bible Worth Reading And Other Essays

    The trouble with people is not that they don’t know but that they know so much that ain’t so.  ~Josh Billings

    Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.  ~Albert Einstein

    Ignoranus:  A person who’s both stupid and an asshole.

  39. Sarah Says:

    “It reminds me of black friends’ who have lived in both the North and South having a preference for the South. As one person put, ‘At least in the South you know where you stand with a person.’ ”

    Kevin, it is equally repulsive to believe that all white people in the South hate blacks too. It’s not so.

    It’s also shameful to think that all people in the North are closet racists too. It’s not so.

    We need to treat people as individuals and stop generalizing.

  40. Hominid Views » Blog Archive » Adele Ferguson’s Racist Rant Pulled Says:

    [...] Walker at Choosing Hope just sent me a note pointing out that the Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal pulled the racist, piece-o-shit rant of an editorial by political columnist Adele Ferguson. [...]

  41. HorsesAss.Org » Always looking for the pony Says:

    [...] UPDATE: Thanks to Darryl at Hominid Views, via The General, Fergusen’s column has gotten national attention. So the KPBJ has of course done the responsible thing… mysteriously pulled the column from their website, without comment. [...]

  42. Lesley Says:

    Oh my god, it’s just too sad, you know? I devoted a little essay to the sweet little old Wonder Bread lady, Adele, the belle, from Bumfuck, Hell. Loved yours and Patriotboy’s posts.

  43. Hurry up please, it’s time. at k!rktast!c Says:

    [...] UPDATE: It appears the Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal pulled the article from its site. But you can read a scanned copy of the article here. According to something I read in the comments on Jesus’ General about the article, the editor of the paper said that they did not agree with her comments, but ran the column unedited as required by their syndication contract. He goes on about the 1st Amendment and free speech. [I agree: just because she’s a bigoted dipshit does not mean she can’t say those things. The paper on the other hand should have made its editorial position known or not printed the article if it didn’t meet its standards]. The guy also says that Adele Ferguson [or Fergusen as printed in the paper] is one of the oldest and most respected political columnists in Washington state. Weird how she doesn’t seem to write for any of the papers I’ve heard of like the Times or the Post. Although the editor says it was the paper’s obligation to print the column — and Ms. Ferguson’s right to think those thoughts, the paper still removed the article from their website. So much for sticking to your principles! [...]

  44. Linny Harris Says:

    I posted this as a reply to another article in hominidviews regarding the piece being pulled but it bears repeating

    DO NOT WRITE THEM AND THANK THEM. The earlier response to my correspondence to the paper regarding this article:


    Thanks for taking the time to contact us with your concern about the opinion piece from Adele Ferguson.

    We don’t condone the point of view expressed by Ms. Ferguson in that piece, but we do believe in the First Amendment which which celebrates free speech and diversity of thought. While Ms. Ferguson has the right to express her opinion, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s accurate, or that it reflects the opinion of the management or ownership of the Business Journal.

    But being a proponent of the First Amendment, we also believe in allowing people who found that piece objectionable to have their say as well. We haven’t published another issue since that piece ran, but do want to run some of the responses in our upcoming issue. That is why we are insisting that if you want your comments considered for publication, verification of who you are in the form of a name, address and telephone number is required.

    As you may or may not know, Ms. Ferguson is perhaps the oldest and the most widely published political columnist in Washington State, and her column runs in a large number of papers statewide. We are obligated to run what we receive, unedited. Had it been up to me, as the editor, I would have redlined the most objectionable comments. But the issue of the plight of blacks and how well they have or haven’t been served by the Democratic Party over the long term is certainly a provocative question, and one worthy of discussion. However, based on the hundreds of responses I’m getting, I’m just not too sure how many people actually got past that line and finished the column, or had their perception of the subject matter influenced by that comment.

    Thanx again for taking the time to contact us.

    LFC (Lary Coppola)

    Apparently, the paper wanted to stand by Mrs. Furgeson and defended her piece under the First Amendment. They probably got so much crap about it that they pulled it in fear of losing readership/advertising, not because they thought the piece should not have been published in the first place. WRITE IN AN DEMAND AN APOLOGY.

    FYI this is not the first time Mrs. Furgeson has written vile garbage: http://www.voicesofpalestine.org/alertcomp.asp?id=17 in this piece Mrs. Furgeson advocated killing Palestinian children as a solution to the Isreali/Palestinian conflict. Nice huh?

  45. Linny Harris Says:

    And the crap continues, in response to my response to Mr. Coppola:

    Thank you for your note. This is a personal response to you – not a “canned”

    It may surprise you to learn I am a registered Democrat – not some right-wing, racist, religious, whack job – and have been since my 18th birthday. I am now in my 50s. I thought the column offered a provocative premise worthy of discussion – how effective has the Democratic Party truly been for blacks? As an editor, I would have welcomed the opportunity to redline the offensive parts and explore that question without the blatantly racist overtones. But as I explained in my original response, our contract doesn’t allow us to edit. what we receive.

    We were really caught between a rock a hard place on this – KNOWING this was offensive and not WANTING to run it, having a contractual obligation to the syndicator to run it – unedited, and KNOWING we were going to be hammered by readers and bloggers. Had we not been contractually obligated to run that column unedited, do you think for one minute we would have? Why would I intentionally want to subject myself to 1500+ hateful emails from all over the world, sully my own personal reputation, as well as that of the paper I’ve spent 20 years of my life building? That’s a no-win for me.

    A couple of interesting oddities about all this though. While this hit the liberal blogs – which is where the bulk of the responses came from, we have had less than 10 responses from local readers who actually received the print edition. As an editor and publisher, this tells me the readership of her column is extremely low and offers the perfect justification to discontinue it – which I will do when the contract with the syndicator is up
    - which is just shortly. I’ll also be MUCH more diligent when dealing with future editorial contracts.

    We have removed the column from our web site, and are now ironically receiving mail chastising us for doing so, calling us cowards and worse for doing so. No good deed goes unpunished I guess… We will also be running letters

    Please accept this as a personal and sincere apology. It was not my desire or intention to offend.

    Thanx for your time.



    Uh, which is it Mr. Coppola? Either you wanted to protect the sanctity of free speech or you were contractually obligated to print Mrs. Furgeson’s piece, yellow journalism and all? So, if Mrs. Furgeson had started out saying that she thinks all black babies should be killed in order to reduce crime (sound familiar?) he would publish it or face a lawsuit. Or if Mrs. Furgeson contended that killing Palestinian children was a viable solution to ending the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, he would have to publish this as well? Nice try. I’m done with this man.

  46. godBlog » Blog Archive » Slavery Is A Good Thing Says:

    [...] One of the great aspects of the Internet is it allows everyone to share their brilliant ideas with a larger audience. Sometimes you have to dig for the gold but with a little finger sweat you’ll be richly rewarded. Yesterday I shared with you one such brilliant idea, Gays Are Like Lepers. Today, I’m proud to offer you another one. I discovered this thought because The Woodmoor Village had the guts to write a post entitled “Slavery as God’s Will,” which lead me to the Hominid View’s post about Adele Ferguson’s newspaper article about black people and their blind support for Democrats. [...]

  47. Human Says:

    What a great post. I hooked up from the General.
    Now everybody who is riled up – what are you doing about race relations tommorrow?

    If you would like to do something positive, you may want to look at http://www.splcenter.org The Southern Poverty Law Center.

    One of the many healthful projects we orginize is an effort to co-mingle groups in school. It’s called mix it up. We also sponsor and provide materials for in class projects.

    And yes we can get along.

  48. Just an american Says:

    Wow…real uplifting stuff here. Get over it people! Whats done is done, it wasn’t pretty, we didn’t do it, we would not support it today. The older folks who still carry the hatred will die off, the younger ones should not look at that hatred as a batton that needs to be carried on. The real tragdety here is that people love to wallow in the negative.
    Just STOP IT!

  49. godBlog Says:

    Slavery Is A Good Thing

    One of the great aspects of the Internet is it allows everyone to share their brilliant ideas with a larger audience. Sometimes you have to dig for the gold but with a little finger sweat you’ll be richly rewarded. Yesterday I shared with you o…

  50. Hominid Views » Blog Archive » The Adele Postmortem Says:

    [...] After I was done at work, I quickly rattled off something of an angry rant (complete with a fair number of embarrassing typos) and posted it around 6:30 pm. I included Adele’s address in the hopes that the response would prove educational to her. (In hindsight, I should have taken the time to include the editor’s contact information which I only added later as an update.) [...]

  51. HorsesAss.Org » Daily open thread Says:

    [...] Yet another notch in the belt of the regional progressive blogosphere. Darryl at Hominid Views, whose original post led to national ridicule being heaped on Adele Fergusen’s ridiculous, pro-slavery column, reports that the Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal has decided to discontinue her column. Way to go Darryl. [...]

  52. Marie Says:

    Well, we might not have found the pony, but we sure did find the pile of manure, and its name is “Adele.”

  53. Monty Says:

    I come to this discussion a bit late. I know Larry Coppola, editor of the KBJ to be pretty moderate, and not at all in the camp some commenters suggest.

    We who have had to put up with Adele for the past forty years have learned to take her writings with a boulder (not grain) of salt. Occasionally she hits the nail right on the head, but more often in the past couple of decades she’s way off.

    BTW, Kitsap County, despite the statistics quoted above, is in no way racially intolerant out of proportion with anywhere else I’ve visited in the US. There is a minority community which is thriving and growing, and many Kitsapers (white, Christian & other) are working for a quick end to her kind of thinking in our home area. The great majority of the local political spectrum is not racially insensitive in Kitsap, from what I can see. The Christians I know here are very accepting of other races, even in the most conservative churches. Please don’t generalize her outlooks to Kitsap Christians at large.

    Glad Larry pulled her contract. Wish more Washington papers would do the same.


  54. Miranda Says:

    Unfortunately this old biddy still has contracts with some newspapers. For example I know her “column” is still printed in the Newport Miner in Pend Oreille County. Even in that conservative bastion there are letters to the editor every week suggesting that they either stop printing her nonsense or at least give space to another columnist who might present an opposing view.

    Maybe we could start a campaign to free us all of her rantings in all newspapers or at least stop her from getting paid for them.

    Newport Miner
    PO Box 349
    Newport, WA 99156

  55. FullaCrappola Says:

    I’m not sure if anyone really believed that Coppola was required to publish whatever Adele wrote but it seemed to be a moot point back in 2006 considering he stated he would discountue her column “shortly”.

    Well, that was nearly 3 years and Coppola has continued to publish Adele’s column regularly, including her recent comment on the 2008 election:

    “I shudder to think of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers or Tony Rezko sleeping in the Lincoln bedroom. I’m sure a string of blacks will seek that opportunity too but that’s okay. If anybody deserves it, they probably do.”


  56. Emilie Says:

    To Fullacrappola: How can I get permission to view your blog? My e-mail for my Google account is auntyemfaustus (at) hotmail (dot) com. I keep getting a message that I must be invited to view your blog.

    I would like to know more about the subject, since I cannot find what his education is, nor any biogaphical information. I don’t know where this man came from nor what his agenda is. I find him snarky, partisan, unprofessional, and bullying. He also didn’t stop publishing the little curmudgeon’s columns in his periodical, so what does that tell you.

    He also tried to keep a lady off the Ktisap Sun’s editorial board when he was trying to promote a NASCAR track here on the Kitsap Peninsula. He referred to her as a “lefty” etc. and he has referred to the Kitsap Sun as the “Kitsap Democrat” in his blog. Sounds like Gov. Blagoyevich. Some business people along Bethel Ave said that the signs for the candidate they were supporting were removed and Coppola’s put in their place. He defiantly kept the huge Dino for Governor sign up on his property long after the election was over and Gregoire won.

    Now that he managaged to get elected as mayor of Port Orchard, he wants a raise from $20,000 to $80,000. I feel he is too in cahoots with developers and might promote runaway unchecked sprawl in this lovely community. I left California to get away from that kind of stuff. I fear his type of politics, and don’t want them shoved down our community’s throat. He calls his opponents “partisan pinheads”, but that best describes himself.

    Port Orchard, WA

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