Swine Flu Conspiracy!

Michelle Bachmann during an interview on Monday:

I find it interesting that it was back in the 1970s that the swine flu broke out then under another Democrat president Jimmy Carter. And I’m not blaming this on President Obama, I just think it’s an interesting coincidence.

She’s wrong, of course. It was Reagan Gerald Ford who was in office during the 1970s outbreak.

But it is interesting that she thought it was Carter and she thought there was something “interesting” about this “coincidence”. What is she thinking? That God is upset about Obama’s election? (But didn’t God know Obama was going to be elected…and couldn’t She have done something about it before the fact?) Perhaps Bachmann thinks the Obama administration developed and deployed a covert swine flu pandemic program in its first 100 days? (You know…just like Carter must have done.) Or does the outbreak mean, to Michelle, that the Obama administration has destroyed the public health infrastructure in the U.S. (and, apparently, Mexico) in its first 100 days rendering us vulnerable to infection?

With loyal Republican foot solders like Rep. Bachmann, who can be surprised that Senator Specter is fleeing the party?

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23 Responses to “Swine Flu Conspiracy!”

  1. Glenn Says:

    Reagan wasn’t president until 1981 so he couldn’t have been there during the 70’s.

  2. Darryl Says:

    Oops…I meant Ford, of course. Thanks for the correction.

  3. Gelron Says:

    We must stop harvesting pigs. Hominids shouldn’t be eating porcines.

    Why not pigs in USA getting swine flu? Not same piggy, not same people. No trubbels if no piggy.

  4. NoBoolSheet Says:

    Oooo… scary coinkydink there… Swine Flu during the Ford administration, and Swine Flu during the Obama administration! Um… if there is a connection, I sure don’t see one.

    What is the point of this ridiculous “Democrats Created the Flu” idea? Democrats supposedly WANT lots of people in their OWN COUNTRY to sicken and possibly die? One THEIR watch? Oh, please. If anything, the right-wingers are the ones with a motive. How to discredit and stress the Democratic leadership? Put a national health crisis on top of everything else. Duh.

    BUT… I don’t think there is any conspiracy anywhere.
    Flu is a disease. Viruses can and do recombine and mutate without any help from anyone. I doubt there is any human agency behind this epidemic whatsoever.

    How come no one is blaming:

    1) Factory farms and the crowded, stressful conditions that allow contagious illnesses to develop and flourish?

    2) Easy, quick and crowded international travel that allows germs to travel very far, very fast and infect people all over the globe in a matter of days?

    3) Biology. Plain and simple?

    Geez. Why does there have to be a government conspiracy involved in everything bad that happens? I’m tempted to dig myself a bunker just to get away from these people!

  5. John Says:

    The Swine Influenza is a special strain of Influenza that is a re assortment of four different strains of the Influenza A virus subtype. The disease originated in Mexico in which it spread worldwide through air travel. From 1918 to 1920, the “Spanish Flu Pandemic” killed between 40 and 100 million people due to the lack of medical knowledge and treatment (Penicillin wasn’t discovered until 1928). This previous incident is one of the reasons given for the panic. As of April 29th 2009, the disease has infected 239 people in 36 different countries around the world and has killed a total of 177, 1 of which has been in the United States. As a comparison, let’s take a look at how many people die yearly from the common strain of Influenza (for which no panic is raised). Every year during the two flu seasons about 36,000 people die in the Americas, worldwide, about 500,000. That’s an average of 100 people per day of the year in just the Americas alone. Worldwide, that’s a little under 1400 people per day. It’s completely ridiculous that the media is feeding the hysteria concerning this incident. Despite the scale of the alert, the WHO stated on April 29 that the majority of people infected with the virus have made a full recovery without need of medical attention or antiviral drugs.

    This “Flu Pandemic” is a political ploy to scare the world, and so far has been very successful in doing so. People everywhere are scared to commute, to leave the country, and even to leave their own houses. I recently received a message from our missionary Ryun Chang who is currently in Chihuahua, Mexico and has a first person perspective to share.

    “A lot has changed very suddenly because of the flu epidemic. Even though not even one case has been reported in our city and state, much of our dailys lives have changed: schools are shut down until May 6th (including the one that our children attend) and even many of the churches have completely shut down all of their activities, includyng the Sunday service because the governor had asked them to do so). Somehow it doesn’t seem quite right the ease in which these godly pastors have simply closed the church at the governor’s bidding.

    Please people, do not wallow in the slop that the media is feeding you. This is all being stired up for a greater agenda and has little to do with the safety of the public.


  6. KriPpLer Says:

    Agreed bro.

  7. Dan Says:

    i agree as well…my only question why schools and churches? what are the hiding/doing that require them shut down…unless that in its self is a distraction

  8. Christian Arthur James Says:

    Please don’t forget the Flu scare during Bush, remember the world didn’t
    have enough Tamiflu etc. And when they rushed it into production
    and used up the supplies it turned out to be the wrong type! And who was
    the former CEO with strong ties and investments in the vaccine manufacture?
    Donald Rumsfeld Check it out.

  9. I'm leaving Says:

    You people need to understand something, this is a “dry run”. This “outbreak flu strain” is only missing one amino acid to make it highly replicable and with that one amino acid it will perfectly match the outbreak in 1918…..look it up if you dont believe me. The exact same scenario is happening right now that happened in 1918, it slightly flared up in the spring and then came back in the fall and killed MILLIONS. Our government knows that another terrorits attack will not fly with the american people and they also know that they do not want a confrontation….that would be like an Iraq war here in the states with pockets of resistance. They need you scared to death….they need you to want to come to them. How do you catch a wolf..?….You steak down the prey and make him come to you. In the art of war written over one thousand years ago it state very precisely that the strongest weapon in any arsenal is fear! Enough fear will enable you to win any situation without ever having a confrontation. They have tested the waters and the american people did exactly as they thought they would do…..they were scared stiff and looked to the government for answers. Now comes the truth that many of you wont be able to handle….google u.s. civil disturbance plan 55-2, the government has been planning for any civil disturbance and continuity of government for years and it is now about to go into action. Look up presidential directive 51 which would give any standing president the power to declare a national emergency for any incedent or medical emergency he sees fit either in the united states or abroad. Also google fema camps. The federal emergence management agency is not here to help you at all. They are the working arm of the department of homeland security. Try to get in touch with the department of homeland security to ask them what are the recomended activities during a threat level red. First….just trying to get ahold of someone will be next to impossible. And if you are miraculously able to reach someone….you will probably be place on hold never to return to the phone just as I was….TWICE. The red threat level will allow the government to establish martial law without ever having to mention the phrase.(very clever) The public is so accustomed to hearing “the threat level is” that once they say it is “red” then everyone will do exactly what is asked. And not only will they do what is asked but if they see other americans not listening to what is said they will “turn them in” or try to make them thinking they are doing what is best for all. The patriot act was already written when 9-11 happened and that act of legislation is the most unconstitutional document ever written. If you really get into the nuts and bolts of it….that document allows any federal agency representing the government to come into your home, remove and detain you without trial, take whatever they wish, and keep you as long as they wish without charging you if they consider you an “enemy combatant”. Now any of you who wish to dispute this fact, go ahead and read it cover to cover, I have and let me tell you it will scare you to death. But the blind citizens of this country were all for it when they wanted revenge. Be carefull what you wish for. But dont worry, if you arent a enemy combatant yet you will be soon due to the bill that has been submitted that reads….the homegrown terrorist act!….I kid you not, now american citizens can be held to all the fury of the patriot act due to this proposed bill if it passes. I wonder how many people are on the terrorist watch list or the “do not fly list”? Are you? My sister is in the bio warfare division of the u.s. army and she has been to one of these fema facilities in texas. She was told it was for if there were ever a biological terrorist attack in this country then these facilities would be alble to dispose of infected bodies and to quarantine infected individuals. Sounds mean but with that twist it makes you slightly happy that we have them, regarless of what the government tells the public they are for or if they exist. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled is to make everyone think he didnt exist. I know they do, I have seen the pictures and listend to the testimony of the other officers in her unit. Now what happens if it isnt a terrorist attack but a “natural” incident? Yeah right! The people of this country are waking up. You obviously are because you are reading this right now. The military industrial complex and the world finance bankers are in charge of this country and if the people wake up to the lies that they have been fed and are still being fed there will be a revolution in this country.(for example the federal reserve has nothing to do with the federal government and is a private bank which the government borrows money from at interest which you the taxpayer pay back, JFK was about to sign an executive order just months after he was shot giving the power to print money back to the treasury department and that order still stands today unsigned and as a warning to any president who dares to try again.) You need to understand that you are not free. More laws are passed every day that encroach on your very civil liberties. If there was a way to just have you work and not have a say in anything, pay your taxes and do as you are told then they would do it, and they are about to! You are being set up for the final move right now. How many times on the news have you heard “the flu may come back stronger in the fall, we need to be carefull”…..well I am telling you now, it will be a killer pandemic!!!! I have a VERY VERY large military family and trust me when I tell you that all the peices are in place for the final play. All of you who think that you will stand and fight…good luck, you will be fighting no one. The only thing the military will be doing is cleaning up the mess when the job is done and re establishing order. The military and the national guard are transporting and “GUARDING” the tamiflu stockpiles right now just to make sure there is enough for everyone if it gets bad. COME ON PEOPLE!!!!!!! The tamiflu is for the military, the government and other key individuals…..not for you! If you think 9-11 was bad then wait until this will be over. The rules that you will have will make the patriot act seem like the rules at a public park. But the people of this country did it to themselves, benjamin franklin once wrote…those who would trade their freedom for protection deserve neither!!!!! And another person in history once said “Make the lie big, make it simple, and keep repeating it over and over and soon everyone will believe it….you know who said that…ADOLPH HITLER! The nazi’s attacked their own parliment building and said it was terrorism, then enacting all types of legislation to “root out” the terrorists encroaching on all types of freedoms of the German people but at the time they thought it was the best thing ever. Well we all know how that turned out. Sound farmiliar? It is too late to “GET THE WORD OUT”….it is too late to “START FIGHTING”…..trust me when i tell you that the wheels have already been put in motion and all you can do now is try to prepare as best you can or do as i am and prepare to leave, i will live in a third world country before i allow my family to die in this one. My families passports are prepared and as soon as i hear one word that the H1N1 virus has started killing people this fall then I am leaving. The one missing amino acid will “magically” have mutated and be in the virus come fall. I care not if you beleive one word that I have said, I am not writing this to make you change you mind, I am writing this for the people who wish to listen and look into things for themselves and actually research……but I can tell you this….you will remeber this article come this fall…..I PROMISE YOU! They need to act now before the revolution begins. Dont tell me you dont feel it, you cant tell me that you know that I am wrong, you know deep down that what I am telling you is true, but sometimes the truth is so horrible that it is easier to believe the lie!

  10. Jim Says:

    Isn’t it amazing how this attention-diverting ‘pandemic’ coincides perfectly with hard evidence emerging about the torture initiatives of the Neocons. Total lie.

  11. 2twentythree3 Says:

    I wasn’t worried until I read the comment by ‘I’m leaving’.
    I’ve just blogged about it, I tried to ‘trackback’ to your blog but you seem to have disabled the option.

  12. Dave Says:

    Clearly, the swine flu outbreak was a vast right-wing conspiracy to assassinate Barack Obama via influenza when he visited Mexico. Doh! Put that in your Bachman and smoke it! ;-)

  13. im leaving Says:

    Just an update for everyone, three days ago as reported on “The Today Show” from the mouth of Merideth Viera herself…..the obama administration is getting ready to impliment a “required” flu shot vaccination program with a series of three shots. I did my research on this report and this has been verified to be true. Hang on to your seats everyone…it seems this really is going to happen. They have scared everyone to death with this mild outbreak of flu this spring and now everyone is primed and ready for a “killer outbreak” just as they have been telling us “may” happen in the fall. May is the wrong word to use now, will is the word that is appropriate here. Everyone will start dying from these shots and it will be called an accident as well as the flu itself will start killing. Why are they planning a vaccination program when the “outbreak” has been so mild? Do they know something you and I dont know about whats happening this fall? Of course they do….and they will be the ones doing it. Martial law will be here this fall…..It wont be by some terrist attack or some international crisis but from an age old fear that will cripple the population and make them all sitting ducks. No revolution here, no fighting back, no false flag attack that the people will see straight through…..not this time….just good old plain crippling FEAR!!!! Get ready to start accepting the new world order this fall. It has been said in many circles that when the final stages are set to play out that not only will you not fight back…..but you will be asking for it. And now it all makes sense. I didnt understand that statement at first but now I do. You will beg for the vaccine because you will be to damn stupid to understand what is really happening. As I stated before in my last blog….FEAR….is the most powerfull weapon in the world. Be ready to be very very afraid! See you everyone….I’m outta here!

  14. I'm Leaving Says:

    Just a tidbit of information for you that I came across on WebMD. while looking into something for myself….seems very strange that a highly credible site like WebMD. would be putting this type of information on their site…this is copy and pasted from the WebMD. site directly….here it is for all to read:

    Swine Flu Spreads, Fall Flu Season Looms
    Health Officials Warn About Swine Flu’s Potential in Fall Even as Some Guidelines Are Eased
    By Daniel J. DeNoon
    WebMD Health NewsReviewed by Louise Chang, MDMay 7, 2009 — H1N1 swine flu is spreading faster and wider in the U.S. That’s worrisome — but more and more, health officials are fretting about what might happen this fall.

    So far, H1N1 swine flu disease has been milder than originally feared. That’s led the CDC to relax some of its original guidelines.

    Swine Flu Outbreak: Get the Facts
    Get the latest swine flu information from WebMD and the CDC, plus other facts you need to know.

    Swine Flu Center
    Video: Swine Flu Precautions
    Swine Flu Symptoms
    What Is a Pandemic?
    CDC Swine Flu Updates
    State-by-State Information
    World Health Organization
    What People Are Asking
    Our experts answer your swine flu questions.
    Talk with others about swine flu.

    Swine Flu Slideshow
    Like people, pigs can get influenza (flu), but swine flu viruses aren’t the same as human flu viruses. View the slideshow.

    © 2009 WebMD, LLC. All rights reserved.

    Schools and day care centers need no longer close if a few kids get the new flu. And in communities with known H1N1 outbreaks, the CDC no longer recommends confirmatory H1N1 lab tests for otherwise healthy people with mild flu symptoms.

    But that doesn’t mean anybody should relax, acting CDC Director Richard Besser, MD, said at today’s H1N1 swine flu briefing.

    “We are not seeing any sign of this petering out. We are still on the upswing of the epidemic curve,” Besser said.

    The number of cases is expected to rise as the new flu spreads across the country. But the hope and expectation is that, aided by the warm summer weather that flu bugs don’t like, the rate of spread will slow.

    That may only be the lull before the storm, Besser warned. What worries health officials is what will happen this fall when traditional flu season begins.

    “We don’t know what the fall will bring,” Besser said. “What has been seen with previous outbreaks is flu goes away in the summer. But during the winter flu spreads better, so the virus could go away and come back.”

    Besser urged Americans to take advantage of this breathing room. True, H1N1 swine flu could just go away for a number of reasons. On the other hand, it could just as easily become more severe as it picks up elements from seasonal flu bugs.

    “This period of time before the fall is critically important for community preparedness should this virus come back in a severe form,” Besser said.

    There’s a lot that governments, communities, and businesses can do. But Besser strongly urged individuals to prepare at the family level. He stressed hand washing, staying home when sick, and covering coughs. He also pointed families to the CDC’s pandemic flu web site.

    That web site advises families to make preparations for a flu pandemic:

    • Store a two-week supply of water and food. During a pandemic, if you cannot get to a store, or if stores are out of supplies, it will be important for you to have extra supplies on hand. This can be useful in other types of emergencies, such as power outages and disasters.

    • Periodically check your regular prescription drugs to ensure a continuous supply in your home.

    • Have any nonprescription drugs and other health supplies on hand, including pain relievers, stomach remedies, cough and cold medicines, fluids with electrolytes, and vitamins.

    (end of article)

  15. Dssnz Says:

    I believe that nature did not create and spread this alone.
    Thanks for the great information.

  16. Socrates Says:

    The easiest way to pass-off a conspiracy is to actually lable it a ‘conspiracy’, then it is readily dismissed. Think on this; There are 2 elements to any bio-weapon. The 1st is the weapon itself. The 2nd is the delivery system of that weapon. The weapon can be easily tested by using it on living animals. But how do you test the delivery system?

    You need an easily caught, hardy, non-lethal virus that is slow to manifest it’s symptoms in order for it to travel beyond the borders of the innoculation zone. Hey presto, Swine Flu!

  17. I'm Leaving Says:

    Just came across ticker on the bottom of the screen on cnn…….u.s. military prepares for swine flu outbreak this fall…..everybody loves to be right, but this time I wish I would have been one of those “crazy conspircacy theorists” that would be wrong this fall….doesnt look like its gonna be that way though. Has everyone not seen the ramping up of the “possible fall swine flu outbreak” peices on cnn, fox and msnbc….and I dont know if everyone has seen all the military vehicles on their local hometown highways and roads as I have but in the past 6 months I have seen more military vehicles on the road than I have in my ENTIRE LIFE!
    And by the way…..the National Level Exercise this week, july 27-july 30 in FEMA region 6 with american troops and troops from about 15 other nations….it supposedly is for “anti terror” training in response to a terror incident overseas to make sure similar attacks dont take place here in the u.s……just so happens that the same training they are getting will allow them to perform roadblocks, shut down highways, do door to door searches, and “population reallocation” (meaning how to move whole neighborhoods or even cities)…seems like that sort of training will be very usefull if you need to quarantine populations due to an “outbreak”…..and this information is not hearsay…THIS IS OFF OF FEMAS WEBSITE, LOOK IT UP FOR YOURSELF!!!!! Terror is the trojan horse that is being used to do everything right in front of your face (cnn just did a piece on the military being prepared for swine flu and then another piece right behind it on how deadly swine flu will be for pregnant women and how they should be the first ones to get the swine flu vaccines, this just came across as I was writing this blog) These vaccines are going to be deadly….get them if you want or if you are dumb enough to listen to the “news”…..You people need to wake up!

  18. I'm Leaving Says:

    Funny thing…..I was reading over my old posting from may 1st and how scary it is…..at the time it may have seemed a little far fetched but now….the fear mongering, as I stated back in may has started about the “fall swine flu outbreak”,…..the military being prepared for swine flu …and the “homegrown terrorists” which i mentioned are now starting to come out as stories in the news……!!!! AMAZING!!! Well now it is August! And it seems that a national medical emergency will put us right into martial law…..and the fear will have everyone running rite to the government for help!….And by the way…have any of you ever heard of or even know about the P.R.E.P. Act???? Signed into law by president bush?…well it stands for the public readiness and emergency response act….basically it means that the HHS secretary (health and human services) can declare a national health emergency and activating all necessary functions of the military to back up whatever protocol they decide to set into motion??!!! (in short) …..martial law and medical quarantines! Seems as though my “crazy talk” back in may aint so crazy now! You may as well call me the great kreskin! But this time its not funny! And by the way….the “FEMA camps” are not for rounding up of NWO dissident prisoners…..alot of you may not want to read this next part so if you have a weak stomach or cant handle the truth i suggest you stop reading now……they are for…..rounding up and disposing of the sick, dying and “infected” individuals!!! I’m sure some of the “i dont want my vaccination” individuals will find there way in there and some “down with the nwo” folks…but the majority of them will be left to die. I dont even want to get into how I came across that information! Believe me or not….as I told you before….I could care less! The u.s. military will have no problem killing you if they believe you are infected! Your going to die anyway! Remember….make the lie big, make it simple, and keep repeating it….eventually everyone will believe it! Welcome to the american news agencies! And also remember….I wrote all of this back in may! Fall is right around the corner!

  19. Darryl Says:

    I’m Leaving,

    And also remember….I wrote all of this back in may! Fall is right around the corner!

    And this blog comment thread will be alasting testament to your unbridled genius!

  20. I'm Leaving Says:

    I have been giving nothing but facts….but now based on all of the facts and information I have recieved, I am going to give you my best guess theory as to exactly what is going to happen this fall

    1-You will start to hear reports in the news about small pockets of swine flu outbreak
    2-The government is going to say that they have approved the release of the swine flu vaccine and is beging to “give them out” (people will run to get them)
    3-These vaccines will cause a massive surge in the amount of cases as well as a more sinister and deadly form of the virus itself (however you will hear nothing about how the vaccinations are causing it)
    4-The government will say that because of this “pandemic” and the dramatic rise in cases and the new lethality of the virus that the vaccinations are now manditory
    5-The military will back up all of the regional and local health establishments and governments to have vaccines “administered” and to quarantine large amounts of civilian “infected” populations as well as to now quell the chaos that will be arising in the civilian population
    6-The individuals who know the truth will refuse the vaccinations and try to spread the truth to as many people as possible as well as fighting the military in small pockets of resistance across the country (the only thing on the news you will hear of this is that these will be homegrown terrorists because the military is just helping….all makes sense now huh?

    all of this has been set up rite in front of your face but everyone has been so busy in their own insignificant lives watching dancing with the stars and worrying about who won the game last night that no one even sees whats going on…..here are your puzzle pieces…

    1-Pandemic level was raised to level 6 worldwide earlier this year…even though it wasnt that bad….why? So they dont have to worry about doing it later
    2-The u.s. military is coming home in mass numbers from overseas and they have also stated….and this is off of DHS and FEMA websites….that they are doing civilian training for whatever event they are telling you…..bottom line…they are being trained for you
    3-How do you fund all this training and the moving of so much equipment and troops as well as the preparation for such an event on such a mass scale….already happened….anyone really know where the 700 billion dollars of stimulus money really went….i do!
    4-The “mainstream” media is starting to ramp up the hype about the fall swine flu scare and possible military involvement….its conditioning….but most will hear it and go back to dancing with the stars
    5-Just the obvious factor that if you look at where we are as a country today as opposed to where we were 18 months ago….it doesnt even look like the same place, 1 trillion more in debt, government chrysler, government gm, possible government healthcare, 9000 dow jones, czar this and czar that (why do we even have a communist title on anything constitutional at all in this country?) double digit unemployment, and an overall trampling of the us constitution that we have not seen EVER in the history of this country! So now you have all your pieces…and what do they make?????…..call it what you will, a new world order, a new american century, zion…..who cares, all I know is it isnt what I used to pledge allegiance to when I was in school! And thats what I will fight for. (and by the way….the pledge of allegiance was removed in my states schools) interesting!

  21. I'm Leaving Says:

    For all of you who decide to turn your noses up at any of the FACTS I have given you…..ponder this…..where you aware that during a level 6 pandemic (which is what we are in now according to the world health organization) the normal FDA guidlines and testing are bypassed in order to “fast track” a vaccine to keep the “virus” from spreading. So, the pharmacutical companies are allowed to do there own testing on a particular vaccine with the “watchfull” eye of the world health organization and then declare it safe to distribute to millions! Usually it takes years to properly navigate the FDA standards for a safe vaccine but in this case their gonna get it done in 60 days!!!>>>???? Yeah right! Oh yeah…..and one more tidbit…..because we are in a level 6 pandemic, the world health organization deems that all big pharma companies are not responsible for any side effects or deaths from the vaccine because they “had to get this done on short notice” because of W.H.O. standards to curb the outbreak of the virus!!! So….what you will be lining up for is an untested FDA vaccine that if it makes you sick or kills you, you or your family have no legal recourse against the vaccination company because we are under a “level 6 pandemic”…..Or on a larger scale….if it happens to kill millions….whoops, sorry about that!…is basically all your gonna get! Its the perfect weapon backed up by all the legal standards that it needs to wipe out millions….and anyone who fights back…..well then your a terrorist! And trust me when I tell you that is all you will hear from the news media! If you dont beleive me then dont just say “rubbish” and walk away….do your own research and find out, spend hours, days and weeks looking into all of the facts…then you will know the truth! And by the way….I cant leave, I was denied a passport!…..Looks like I’m gonna be one of the terrorists!

  22. I'm Leaving Says:


    The pentagon military representative for the CDC Captain Raymond Strikas M.D. was asked a question at a question and answer session in denver colorado in the begining of august relating to mandatory swine flu vaccines…..

    The sum of the question was…..if h1n1 vaccinations become mandatory, what proof will my family and I have that we have received the vaccines?

    Answer: The department of defense is working with the CDC in regards to creating and IMPLEMENTING a card system that would prove you have been vaccinated and whether you have received your first or second vaccine

    ………PEOPLE!!!!!!!! WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!!! Why would the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE be working on a card system to prove you have been vaccinated!!!!>>>>????? Do you honestly think it is “just incase”…..no ….you are going to be required to get these……and he also stated that there will be a computer program that will allow all records to be checked electronically to make sure you have received it and so they can verify quickly…..and I know all of you have heard on fox news and cnn and so on of how they are working on “electronic” medical records to make your life better….and if not…look into it for yourself! Now you know the truth for the “electronic medical records”…..wake up people! TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!!!!!

  23. I'm Leaving Says:


    Fox News Reports: Colleges and Schools across the country are “heading the call” to set up swine flu clinics to administer the swine flu vaccinations to kids in mass, in preparation for what the World Health Organization is saying will be an “EXPLOSION” of h1n1 swine flu cases this fall!

    Everything that I have told you people months ago is now coming to pass, the massive fear mongering campaign is begining….but this is just the begining…wait until you see what comes next! Please protect your children and your family! Start to tell everyone what you have learned….regardless of whether you think they will ridicule you or not or regardless if you think they are even going to listen….tell them to come here and read…it doesnt matter…..just start to tell everyone the danger that is coming!…..Just think for a minute, do you think that the individuals who lived in 1918 would live in a time that would be revered in history as “the flu outbreak of 1918″?….so do you think it is possible that in the future people may refer to this period in time as the “_______________ of 2009″? Put in it whatever you want….revolution, swine flu outbreak, holocaust, civil war,….whatever……but remember this, life is like a car accident, no one plans to be in one when they leave the house, it just happens!

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