Ineffective Dave Reichert Caught Copying, Lying & Cheating

8th District Representative Dave Reichert, the former Washington State Chair of Giuliani’s presidential campaign who endorsed John McCain immediately after Giuliani dropped-out, has been caught copying the Neocon smear tactic of attacking achievement, lying (or sinning) about his own academic credentials, and cheating to score some beaucoup “bacon” for his campaign of smears.

Evidently, Reichert—or his Neocon Puppet Masters—think the citizens of the 8th District should cut themselves off at the neck from having effective representation in Congress. All for the sake of Neoconism.

Copying from the Carl Rove Neocon Campaign-of-Smears Handbook

Not surprisingly, Reichert thought Sarah Palin was a great choice. According to, Dave Reichert “applauded the selection of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to John McCain’s ticket.”

“Ms. Palin has demonstrated the ability to succeed both as a working mother of five children as well as a leader of the state of Alaska. She clearly understands the importance of working in a bipartisan fashion, and has reached across the aisle to work with Democrats and Republicans alike.”

-Dave Reichert, August 29, 2008

It’s unclear whether the strongly partisan neocon Palin considers Washington—which is polling strongly in favor of her opponent—is part of “Real America”. Is Pierce County “rural enough”? Reichert’s own “bipartisanship” is limited to environmental legislation—not so on the economy and Iraq War.

Indeed, Reichert feels it’s important for women to raise children and work—so much so that he’s opposed to legislation supporting the use of birth control. Here’s what NARAL Pro-Choice America has to say about Darcy Burner’s bid to unseat anti-choice Dave Reichert:

Please vote for Darcy Burner in the upcoming elections!

* Darcy Burner is fully pro-choice.

* Darcy Burner is challenging staunch anti-choice Representative Dave Reichert, who received a 0% rating from NARAL Pro-Choice America in 2007. Reichert not only votes wrong on every single choice issue (including birth control); he also refuses to co-sponsor any prevention legislation. [Emphasis added]

Maria Cantwell and Barack Obama campaigning with Darcy Burner


    “The American people want leaders in Congress who are committed to working for change. Darcy Burner will be that sort of leader. She is tough and determined, and she will stand up for the middle class and work to get our economy moving forward again, and I am proud to support her.”

    -Barack Obama, His 2nd Endorsement of Darcy Burner, Sept 18, 2008

Don’t forget that early in the 2006 campaign, “Bush’s Brain,” Carl Rove, emphasized that bolstering Reichert against Burner must be a top Bush priority. The Rovian smear of lies and innuendo was launched against Burner in the last few days of the 2006 campaign as well. Last time, they tried to pass her off as a minority-vote suppressing, Big Oil-investing, soon-to-be indicted felon (sounds like Rove himself!). This year, it’s “Academic Fraud”. Hmm… Speaking of which…

Reichert Cheating Over Burner’s Degree and Lying about His Own

Yesterday, Reichert amped-up his smear campaign against Burner’s proven Harvard credentials, using a highly questionable million-dollar+ campaign loan/service, so he could publicly call Darcy Burner’s Harvard Diploma “Academic Fraud” in the latest of his 11th-hour negative smear ads polluting our TV programming.

Here’s what I’d like to know:

Exactly what part of Darcy Burner’s Harvard degree in Computer Science with a Specialization in Economics is bad for the 8th District?

According to Roll Call, Reichert’s gang claims that Burner misrepresented her undergraduate degree from Harvard because she earned the degree from within the Computer Science department and specialized in Economics.

Back in June, The Seattle Times was clear as crystal on this, using information provided by Burner, which is mirrored on her campaign web site.

But I get it: She used a short-hand way of referring to it verbally—a reference defended by Harvard Professor Harry Lewis and professors from other institutions, as well as other Harvard graduates like Darcy. Instead of calling upon his experience with civility in law enforcement and pointing-out that Burner’s Harvard degree credentials include a concentration in Computer Science as well as the specialization in Economics, Reichert opts for the lowest road of Neocon filth.

That’s what it’s about this year: Neocon bigotry overtaking the once respectable Republican Party.

In the face of Darcy Burner’s accurately published description of her degree and her perfectly acceptable verbal reference to it (She is a Harvard Graduate and she did specialize in Economics), Dave Reichert’s Congressional Biography magically—and deceptively—elevated his 2-year Associates Degree to a 4-year Bachelors Degree—That’s a whole degree off.

Oh, now that he’s smearing Burner, someone corrected it. But as of October 20, 2008, this cached page from Google shows Reichert’s Fake Degree Quantum Leap as a B.A. from Concordia Lutheran College, which he says he attended for 2 years, from 1968-1970, studying Social Work on a football scholarship. UPDATE: The Google Cache of Reichert’s Congressional Bio was updated today (Oct 31) with yesterday’s cache image. Here’s an archive of that bio from the Internet Way Back Machine, of Reichert’s Fake Degree Quantum Leap from December 20, 2007. Archives of the same deception going back to November 2005 also are available.

Reichert’s campaign says he doesn’t lie about his lack of a B.A. degree. But it’s awfully hard to find more than a handful of sources that don’t call it a B.A. Alright, maybe it’s a sin of omission that he allowed to grow a life of its own instead of a currently active lie. He can resolve that with God. His Wikipedia page, by the way, was updated in the last 24 hours, with an edit explicitly stating that he did not earn a B.A. degree.

…And that appears to be why Reichert—or his Neocon Puppet Masters—think the 8th District should cut themselves off at the neck from having effective representation in Congress(!) This brings us to the last Reichert Issue of the Election:

Reichert’s Record of Ineffectiveness in Congress.

Dave Reichert isn’t just under-performing—he’s getting worse. The detail on Reichert’s poor effectiveness ranking of 401 out of 435 (bottom 10%) shows declining effectiveness over time.

Reichert is also the worst among the entire Washington Delegation.

In addition to being a lackluster legislator, the fact that he’s a Bush Economy supporter wouldn’t bode well for his effectiveness were he to have another term.

Among House Republicans only, Reichert ranks 171st out of the 200 Republicans (bottom 20th percentile). Even if we restrict the ranking to his “Class of 2004″ Congressional cohort only, Reichert is 33rd out of 40 (bottom 20th percentile again).

Given his poor performance as a legislator, one may wonder why the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) would spend so much—$1 million—to get Reichert re-elected, with a $506,000 Big Spend last Wednesday? Somehow, I doubt it’s because the under-performing, bottom-of-the-barrel in effectiveness legislator represents the 8th District so well.

The energetic Harvard grad sounds infinitely better. Just take a look at her Economic Plan and her summary of issues and positions.

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4 Responses to “Ineffective Dave Reichert Caught Copying, Lying & Cheating”

  1. Isadora Fleming Says:

    Darcy on KOMO yesterday deserves an award this election season for the single worst performance by a political candidate over an extended time. The only other contender might be John Murtha for calling his own constituents racists and then following it up by changing it to rednecks. Lot of blue money went down the drain on DBII, and she poured Liquid Plumber after it. Checkbooks ready for DBIII anyone?

  2. Dave Says:

    Isadora: Really? I heard Ken Schram insisting over and over that Harvard’s formal recognition of the special field of study is worthless and “not a degree”. Schram simply demanded over and over, ad infinitum, that Burner agree with him after she repeatedly and politely did not.

    Schram & Co. bullied Burner over taking credit for her accomplishment, despite agreeing that she did it. Does Schram think Mike Tyson’s WBA title in 1996 was “not a title” because it was a TKO?

    I guess Ken Schram, being that he’s a pundit, is “not a journalist”?

    Burner, on the other hand, was very effective and held her ground, defending Harvard University’s formal recognition of the Economics specialization.

    But that doesn’t alter the fact that Dave Reichert is an ineffective representative, scraping the bottom of the barrel no matter how you look at it. The NRCC is pouring hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars into his negative smear campaign because they want his Neocon rubber stamped vote on issues that have nothing to do with the interests of the 8th district.

  3. Darry Says:


    “I guess Ken Schram, being that he’s a pundit, is “not a journalist”?”

    In fact, Schram is NOT a journalist. He is an entertainer.

  4. Steve Lynch Says:

    I have been a supporter of Dave Reichert for many years. After reading this informative expose, I sincerely question the man.

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