Mein McKampf

What was that in Waukesha yesterday!?

It’s one thing that McCain is imploding—that’s obvious—and maybe it’s the dairy cows in Wisconsin that’re getting the “maverick” worked-up, but just because McCain has put the jackboots on, is that any reason for the local rotund stormtrooper from Wisconsin to stage a theatrical rendition of the Beer Hall McPutsch from the audience?

Aside from the facts that the bellicose one’s target of wrath—”socialists”—are what drive the kleptocratic Republican party, and that his frustration is predicated on the Republican party’s miserable economic record, his new station as an unknown pot-bellied icon representing the beginning of the Post-Neocon Period of American history is hardly material for ancestral pride. I should say more, but I’ll leave it at:

This isn’t how a candidate should go about nurturing a “bipartisan” spirit.

In recent weeks, McCain has certainly made himself into the mortal enemy of virtually every Democratic Congressman and Senator on Capitol Hill. And we can only believe him when he repeatedly says that he’s never won “Miss Congeniality” and doesn’t even get along with fellow Senators from his own party.

So just how effective of a president could this frothing maverick be, if he’d already be a Lame McDuck beginning at the crack of dawn on Inauguration Day?

Many observers reveal that the McCain strategy-of-the-week is to make the presidential campaign into a referendum on Barack Obama’s character (again). Indeed, the campaign rhetoric makes it seem that Barack Obama is the only candidate running. McCain/Palin appear to be insisting, “Vote ‘No’ this year in the Barack Obama Election.” And Obama/Biden expound on the details of why everyone should vote “Yes” in the Barack Obama Election.

The only problem with that strategy is that Barack Obama’s character appears to be just about sterling, if not golden. Even while demanding, “say it to my face,” he’s cool as steel:

How does Barack Obama do it?

John McCain, who used to be an honorable and respectable person, is literally self-destructing at the feet of his opponent, as Barack Obama walks—not runs—to the finish line, not even breaking a stride—or a sweat.

I’m awestruck. How? How does he do it?

In direct contrast to Lame McDuck summoning bone-chillingly comical images of Der McFührer’s Face in Wisconsin, Barack Obama’s unwavering statesmanship won Thursday’s “Quote of the Day” from the Associated Press:


We meet at a moment of great uncertainty for America. But this isn’t a time for fear or panic. This is a time for resolve and leadership.

—Barack Obama

I’m definitely voting “Yes” on the referendum in the Barack Obama Election this November 4th, and I hope you do as well.

For the sake of the McFatherland.

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One Response to “Mein McKampf”

  1. Burr Deming Says:

    Before we make a choice we may regret for the next four years, the accusations against Barack Obama should be carefully considered, as they are here.

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