Johnny McCain & Sarah Superstar: One Trick Pony

It’s not about pigs. Or even pit bulls… It’s a pony.

A one trick pony.

Johnny McCain and Sarah Superstar rode into the RNC on a spectacular white horse of superstardom. Like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, they energized their adoring fans and were flocked by the paparazzi. They brought star power with them to rescue the broken and bickering party.

Unlike Brad and Angelina, though, Johnny McCain and Sarah Superstar reveal themselves to be impersonators with no real star power, pretenders with no real commitment to their cause, and charlatans with no moral sustenance.

Paradise Lost.

With a cry of “Country First!” Johnny McCain and Sarah Superstar promised us.

And then they failed us.

As the heavens unleash a torrent upon the towns in Texas like never seen in decades, Johnny McCain and Sarah Superstar are nowhere to be found.

They have abandoned us.

Barack “The True One” and Poverty Joe Biden stand beside us. To help. To encourage. To lead by example and empower us by awakening that sleeping American Spirit. That giant that is us and makes us persevere.

“Personal and mutual responsibility.”

The American Promise.

Echoing above and amongst that crowd. Upward and outward. We cried. We had hope. Remember that hope? From before Johnny McCain and Sarah Superstar rode in with their lies?

Barack Obama spoke Friday with FEMA Administrator David Paulison and later in the day with Houston mayor Bill White. Obama offered his helping hand, including using his website to raise funds for relief efforts.

And he did:

Go ahead and click it—it works.

Poverty Joe Biden canceled his Friday and Saturday events and fundraiser. “In light of the unfolding crisis in Texas, Sen. Obama has decided it is no longer appropriate to appear on ‘Saturday Night Live,” reports ABC News.

It’s a sad and troublesome day for us. But we have our friends. To help. And to encourage. Today we learn who they really are.

George Bush kept his Friday fundraiser for McCain in Oklahoma.

Johnny McCain and Sarah Superstar are still nowhere to be seen. I searched. I did. I searched far and near. And as of this posting, there is no Ike survivors fundraiser button on the McCain/Palin campaign web site. And no mention of Hurricane Ike from their search engine to be found. Community organizing does not abound.

It would be so incredibly easy to help. A word. An offer. Just a link on the web?

No. Nothing. But an attack ad, plain for all to see.

And a fundraiser request for McCain/Palin, “A cause greater than self”, if you can believe that. Nothing less.

Johnny McCain and Sarah Superstar have ridden away, their backs to our Country. Last. On a muddied and tired steed…

A one trick pony that we don’t need.

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3 Responses to “Johnny McCain & Sarah Superstar: One Trick Pony”

  1. Diane Says:

    I’d say it’s Obama who is a one trick pony. “Change”?

    What the hell is change, you mean a change to a man who’s close peronal mentor was a racist?

    A change to higher taxes, more sexism and less personal choice and obligations?

    Fucking phony Obamanation!

  2. Stephen Schwartz Says:


    This is a moving piece of writing that made me proud to consi9der you a colleague and friend.

    Lets all hope.

  3. Darryl Says:


    Thanks, Steve! But, the honors go to David, who authored this post. I’ll introduce the two of you at DL sometime.

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