Mitt: Now a Uniter, Too!

Mitt Romney is all about change we learn from tonight’s debate. Yeah…right. And I don’t mean a change of underwear (which is a very sensitive topic….)

Is it about that creepy, frequently inappropriate, smile he keeps flashing? No…that’s not “change.” That’s just weird.

You don’t suppose it’s about changes to his core beliefs as demanded by the politics of the moment?


Sorry…it’s not just me. It looks like all the Republican candidates hate the Mittster’s and his duplicity, too.

Hey…at least it gives him an opportunity to sell himself as “a uniter.” (Still…I hope the bastard wins the G.O.P. nomination.)

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One Response to “Mitt: Now a Uniter, Too!”

  1. Daniel K Says:

    Poor Mitt. They were just being mean to him at that debate, especially that bully McCain. Mitt looked like he was going to cry. How hurtful of those men.

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