Ride the SLUT!

No, not “the Slut.” The SLUT! The South Lake Union Trolley. Rides are scheduled to begin sometime in December. Be sure to pick up an “I rode the SLUT” souvenir tee-shirt afterward.

Speaking of edgy acronyms…This morning I had a tour of a lab in an undisclosed department by an unnamed professor at the Washington State University in Pullman. He was in the process of setting up a new, specialized laboratory in the department. Although there wasn’t yet much to see in the lab itself, he was very proud of the elegant name-plate on the door saying, “Coprolite Research Analysis Laboratory.”

(And I have to say…this guy really knows his shit!)

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5 Responses to “Ride the SLUT!”

  1. chadt Says:

    That’s OLD shit, man!

  2. elliot Says:

    Ride The Slut …It’s for sale already on http://www.donkeyTs.com

  3. pat migroin Says:

    I tried to order from Kapowl Coffee and It was complicated and confusing. So I saw a blog that said donkeyts.com has them in stock ready to ship. I used a coupon code “jamie” and got 20% off plus free shipping. The shirt came in 3 days plus I got to pick the shirt color and type.

  4. Joe Says:

    Donkey T’s is a rip off shirt. You can get the originals from the creators of the shirt at Kapow! Coffeee in Seattle 206 447 5587 or at http://www.ridetheslut.com. I stopped in there today and got mine and it’s hilarious! It’s too bad these Donkey losers can’t come up with there own ideas and have to try and rip these guys off. Kapow! Coffee is the creator of the shirt, designed by them as an homage to their old Cascade neighborhood that certain giant corporations are destroying. Get yours from the people that invented it. They are witty funny creative people and they have a giant red trolley right next doot to them to prove it!

  5. Paul Says:

    Joe is right! I know Big Jerry and Dandy Don and they are the guys that made the shirt and as nyone that knows what’s going on around the Old Cascade will let you know, God bless them for it! Get the shirts at Kapow! or at http://www.ridetheslut.com What do these knock off immitators in Ohio know about Seattle, the Cascade, South Lake Union or the S.L.U.T.??

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